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The word dynamic is used again and again when referring to the keynote speeches Steve Layne frequently delivers both in and outside of the United States. He points to four components that make his speeches to large groups so successful: humor, heart, books, and "something they can use tomorrow."

In addition to giving powerful speeches for conferences and institutes, Steve works as a speaker by providing seminars, inservices, and school visits. His most popular audiences: classroom teachers K-12, librarians, reading specialists, curriculum directors, and school administrators. His reputation with English teachers, librarians, and reading teachers is especially strong as he echoes the sentiments their work embraces.

No matter what the venue, Steveís message will focus in some way on his passion: Fostering the love of reading in kids. According to Steve, "Itís the missing component in most schools, and something has to be done. Fewer kids are making the choice to read these days. Educators need to know that thereís something they can do. My goal is to give them hope and then offer them practical strategies to bring about change."

"The evaluations that followed your appearance at our conference were remarkable!"

Mrs. Ellen Fockler, Conference Chair - Nevada Reading Week Project, Reno, NV

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