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12/18/2002 Nancy Reece nreece4
  • I attended a conference in Lexington, KY...thank you for one of the best conferences that I have attended in years...just great information and things I can use NOW in my classroom...I will be encouraging other teachers in the building to attend.
11/20/2002 Jennifer Bergren tomandjen333
  • Steve, I attended your conference today and wanted to write to thank you. Your presentation style, book suggestions, and hints to give to parents of reluctant readers were fantastic. I was getting so bogged down with standardized test statistics and prep. and you were just the breath of fresh air I needed to get me excited about teaching again. I look forward to implementing many of your ideas into my lessons. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
10/23/2002 Marjorie R. Hancock mrhanc
  • Dr. Steven Layne presented his passion for literature, children, and teaching through two overflowing sessions at the IRA Plains Regional in Topeka, KS on October 11, 2002. His audience was mesmorized by his dynamic presentation skills, his craft of blending books and teaching, and his personal writing magic as an author of children's titles. As Program Chair, I was able to book Steve two years ago. His ongoing success and achievements have brought notice to his skill both as a presenter and as a children's/young adult author. I strongly suggest that you contact Steven Layne for upcoming state, regional, and national conferences. Provide large rooms and watch his reputation (and the success of your conference) grow!! He is a rising star on the IRA scene and is quickly gaining notice in the world of publishing. Five stars and cudos to Steve for the energy and ideas that follow his audience into their classrooms!!
10/17/2002 Sandy Bahler sanjax
  • As Pres.-Elect and Conf. Chair of the Iowa Reading Assn., I am updating Steve's speaking appearances with us. Steve will be in Des Moines,IA April 3-4, 2003 at the Hotel Savery and Polk County Conv. Complex. He will be presenting at one of the noon luncheons on Thurs., April 3 and also presenting two sessions during the 3rd and 4th. We're excited to have Steve be a part of our conf. I know his presentations and books will be wonderful additions to our conference. By the way, please come join us. Steve and Iowa Reading will welcome you.
08/04/2002 Christopher Corbin aransanvicrazy
  • Hey Steve!!! How are you? I don't know if you will remember me or not, I attended First Baptist Church in Elgin,Illinois from 1989-1991. I was very involved in the youth choir (Shekinah) which you directed during that time. I have very fond memories of "Friends Forever and "Faithful Men". I was Julie Strahl's other half. I was the squeaky tenor whose father wouldn't let him go on choir tour because I was flunking Algebra. I'm very proud of your accomplishments, and wanted to know that you played a very important part in my adolescence. You really made a difference in my life. Thank you so much Steve. Love, Christopher Corbin
06/24/2002 Shannon Taylor Shan71074
  • Steve, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your sessions at the Mid-Alabama Reading and Writing Conference in Birmingham, Alabama. I can't wait to try out some of the wonderful suggestions you made regarding children and reading! Thanks!
05/22/2002 Matt superior123
  • This Side of Paradise... a really good book indeed.
05/05/2002 Kay kstyle431
  • hey, This Side of Paradise is a really great book!!! I love the website and I really hope my school gets to see you sometime!!!!!!
04/17/2002 Aaron Ramsey sba87
  • Thanks for Coming to our school your book is awesome and i Cant wait untill you write more.
04/14/2002 Sandy Bahler sanjax
  • As Conference Chair of the Iowa Reading Association, I'm inviting all of the fans of Steve Layne to come to the Polk County Convention Complex in Des Moines, IA, April 3-5, 2003 to help us give a BIG Iowa welcome to Steve!!
03/27/2002 Jill Crull jillcrull
  • I am a student from Henry-Senachwine Grade School in Mrs. Cole's class.I just wanted to say thank you for coming to our school for a visit.I also wanted to thank you for signing my book for me.Your book "This Side Of Paradise" is very interesting to listen to. I hope you write a sequel to it. You did a great job! Thanks again.
03/14/2002 Michelle Richards mrich2602
  • I'm a seventh grader from Henry-Senachwine Grade School. I enjoy listening to This Side of Paradise, and I'm looking forward to your visit. I love how you leave us wondering at the end of each chapter. Great Job!
03/14/2002 Cam Klein xtrm2b
  • I am one of the students at Henry-Senachwine Grade School that Mrs. Cole is reading This Side of Paradise to. When she reads the book to us it seems like the whole class is on the edge of our seats! I think that your cliffhangers that are at the end of the chapters are awesome and I spend the rest of the day thinking of what could happen! I can't wait until you visit our school so you can read the next chapter to our class.
03/14/2002 St. James FlpFlop7
  • WE love this book, thank you so much for coming to talk to us about it. It was really suspensful and entertaining, we hope to see more of your books and hope that you could visit us again. THANK YOU!!!!!!
03/13/2002 Jake S. jakes157
  • This book is absolutely GREAT!!! I am another one of Mrs. Cole's reading students, and we are reading This Side of Paradise. This book is wonderful and our whole enitre 8th grade class loves it. At the end of each chapter there is so much suspense left, that it makes you want to keep reading. So when Mrs.Cole stops, we all just say can't you read one more chapter, just one more? I am eagerly awaiting you visit. I also hope that there is a sequel planned! Thanks for writing and awsome book! Jake Schmitt Henry-Senachwine Grade School
03/12/2002 Clinton Pierson run111Be
  • Absolutely,Fantastic!! Your book reminds me of Neil Shusterman's Dark Side of NOWHERE.I plan to buy your book because it's wonderful.Maybe a sequel is in order,I hope. Sincerely,Clinton
03/12/2002 Melissa Lafferty molissa_88
  • Hi, I am another student attending Henry-Senachwine-Grade-School. I would just like to say that This Side of Paradise is a Excellent book. My favorite thing about the book is how you place the details in each chapter so everything fits together. I 'm looking forward to having you visit our school.
03/12/2002 Trevor McKey mj_23_forever
  • I am from Henry-Senachwine Grade School.Mrs.Cole is our reading teacher.She is reading your novel This Side Of Paradise.We all love it.We all are looking forward for your visit to our school.We are not done with the book yet so it is awsome so far.I cant wait till the ending.
03/11/2002 Zackman_15 balla1187
  • My class is reading This Side of Paradise. Everyday, when Mrs. Cole, our teacher and your friend, finishes a chapter, she stops for the day. And when she stops for the day the whole class groans
03/11/2002 Sydney Rust srust
  • Steve, You knew I couldn't visit your Web site without leaving you a message! I think you will find this invaluable as your reputation as a presenter/consultant/author/etc. grows. I plan to send this on to people I know. Keep up the "great" work!
03/10/2002 Lisa LJO1222
  • Great website for a great teacher, author and presenter. Best of luck!
03/07/2002 Sue & Ike Groves inasu
  • You know we think you are a guiding star for others in education and literacy. Continue to write and we promise to read everything you write!


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