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11/25/2003 Debby Dobs D4560
  • I'm writing again to say thanks. After attending your workshop in March, I'm finding you to be my new hero. I started using Status of the Class, Buzz Topics, and Book Writes this year and finding them to be great with my 7th graders. It is working much better than the verified reading slips that I used to use. Students are reading more and carrying their book with them to other classes. They are even picking up their book to read when they have a few extra minutes!! After 20 years of teaching, I'm finding your workshop to be one of the most valuable!!
11/10/2003 Julie Arnold jarnold
  • Dr. Layne, My name is Julie Arnold and I teach 8th grade English at Sahuarita Middle School in Arizona. I attended your seminar in Phoenix, AZ last November (2002) and wanted to share that all of the techniques that I have picked up from you have been successful in my 8th grade English classroom. I have read your book This Side of Paradise out loud to my classes for two different school years now, and you have inspired the need to know in many of my students. This year, I told my students that if they wanted to write you a letter asking for a sequel that I would definitely mail them. I also shared with them the story about you asking Neal Shusterman for a sequel to The Shadow Club. They are hoping to be as successful as you were. :) I would like to request an address to send these letters to, or I would like to know if you would rather they sign in on your website in the guest book with their letters. I thank you in advance. My students are really excited to hear from you because they thought your book was exciting and a great attention grabber (as did I!). You have great success with students and reading! Thank you again.
11/07/2003 Margaret mwodziak1190
  • Mr.Layne i live in lombard,il not too far from where you are i finished reading your book "This Side of Paradise" for the second time. the first time my teacher read it to me and this time i read it myself. You are one of my favorite authors you really know how to keep me turning page after page i finished your book in 2 days. i readdly enjoy reading your books i think you should put a sequal out to "This Side of Paradise" or atleast write something similar to it. keep up the good work sincerely,Margaret
10/27/2003 Kylee M. McLean kokokmm
  • Dear Mr Layne, I am an 8th grader at a school in Seymour, Tn. And I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your book, " This Side of Paradise." This book really made me feel like I was one of the characters in the book. I hope that you make more books for youg adults and teens, because I think that you really know how to get the reader's attention and to hold on to it. I was wondering who the person on your first cover and who the people are on your second cover. Like were they your kids or something. And I also wanted to tell you that you kind of write like Lois Lowry, who is my all~time favorite author. Like, you are good at putting a whole new world into works, and I really could imagine Paradise, and the school their houses and everything!!!! Thank You for writing such an incredible book, WRITE MORE!!!! WRITE MORE!!!!°°°°°!!!!!
10/22/2003 Brittney dreamangel200203
  • I loved "This Side of Paradise" . It is my all-time favorite book! I read it in one day, I couldn't put it down.
10/06/2003 Jimmy Gross jimmygross
  • Steve I heard and met you in Louisville yesterday at the KRP conference an want to say you were one of the highlights of the whole weekend. I am 5th grade teacher and even though I do not teach reading as a subject, do try every day to leave time for reading. After hearing you speak, now want to make time for reading. There is a difference. Thanks fo the inspiration Jimmy
09/10/2003 Nicole Setters liltomgurl
  • Your books are awsome.I am 10 turning 11 september 18, and im in 6th grade and my teacher is reading this side of paridise to us and whenever its time to go we all say aw because the book is so good.Please vist Cincinnati,Ohio. your my farvoite author
09/10/2003 Dylan Scholtes Zev
  • Your Books Are Awsome especially This Side Of Paradise. Good Luck on your newest ones
08/24/2003 Rebecca Endrelunas endrelre
  • Thanks for all of the great classroom-ready ideas and book chats for the teachers of Gulf Coast High School! As promised, your inservice filled the void of resources that many of us have in inspiring our students to read. Your extensive knowledge of literature and creative hooks had teachers of all content areas hanging on every word.
08/23/2003 Amanda qttennisplaya06
  • I just got done reading "This Side of Paradise". I couldn't put the book down! Normally I don't read sci-fi thrillers, but this book captured my attention right from the start. It's now my new favorite book! I really hope you continue to write more books like this one, I can't wait! GREAT job!
06/11/2003 Nancy Heitzman NHeitzman
  • I attended your workshop in Northern Kentucky in December, 2002. You made me a hero to my students as well as their parents! After 20 years of teaching, I attended many workshops. Although many of them were good, you motivated me to want to read every book you talked about and to introduce my students to them. The results were amazing. Not only was I excited about my reading class, but the students couldn't wait for me to read to them. Some days I thought they were going to revolt if I wasn't reading because we had something else to do. I also received many favorable comments from parents whose children were actually reading books on their own without it being required. I even have one mother who is going to share with me if she wins the lottery because her son now enjoys reading! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you
05/21/2003 devan postin manson_freak666999
  • hey my class just got done reading your book i thought it was a really good story. i encourage you to write a second book. The book had to be great it did beat out 'among the hidden'. Well congratutation on a tremendance book and i hope if you write another book it is as good as this one. devan postin indiana
05/21/2003 Molly Stokes milly99usa
  • I really liked the book This Side of Paradise. It was a good book.I think it was the best book we read as a class. I also liked the ending of the book how you left a mystery at the end. I hope you're planning a second book.
05/01/2003 Tyler JLboyle
  • Your book is great!!! Its so thrilling i can't put it down! You need to write another one so i won't have to keep wondering what really happens at the end
04/28/2003 Chicago Public Schools Teacher Librarians jcrook
  • Dr. Layne, Thank you for a wonderful keynote speech to the Chicago Public School Teacher Librarians. Following are some comments made by the participants: *Dr. Steven Layne was the best feature at the Staff Development Day! *The guest speaker was awesome! *The author, Steven Layne, gave an inspiring speech! *The keynote speaker was funny and informative. Congratulations on a great presentation!
04/23/2003 Paulette Goodman pgoodman
  • After introducing and having both 6th & 7th grade students read your book "This Side of Paradise" I can honestly say the students were riveted to the book! They are looking forward to other books you plan to write.
04/08/2003 Jaime xocutencrazy07
  • Im in 8th grade and my teacher is reading us the book "This Side of Paradise and I LOVE it.... Steven Layne is coming to speak with our school and i like the book sooo much that I am buying it and I get the opportunity for him to sign my book...isnt that great?? i think so!!!
04/08/2003 Jared jaredhinsy
  • I read your book This Side of Paridise,and please write a second, I need to know what happens next.
03/26/2003 Matthew D. Atherton MatthewAtherton138
  • Hearing Dr. Layne talk changed my thoughts completely about the worthiness of the read aloud. I now use it,and my students love it!!! I have used This Side of Paradise as a read aloud in my classroom, and the reaction from my students has been UNBELIEVEABLE! You have deeply affected many students here at Quincy Junior High School. Your book has created a tremendous buzz and has some reluctant students involved in reading. Kudos to you! You did a tremendous job at the IRC this past weekend. Thanks again!
03/20/2003 Debby Dobs ddobs
  • I just finished This Side of Paradise and loved it. I know my 7th graders will love it too!
03/17/2003 Alex Stombres JCEDU2
  • Dr. Layne,Your book, This Side of Paradise, rocks! For my next 4th grade book project I am using the book. I know that my classmates will love it! I am going to show them all of your books. I hope to be a writer like you someday!!! Your Fan, Alex Stombres
03/12/2003 Rosie Alexander alexanderrw
  • Dear Steve, I am one of the teachers who walked with you over to the Convention Center in Austin and talked to you about the Oprah Show! ha I wanted to let you know that on Monday morning after the conference I read, My Brother Dan's Delicious, to my fifth graders. They loved the book and made some of those wonderful "connections" we discussed on our walk. They were especially happy to have a book that was autographed especially for them! Thanks for the great experience of listening to you speak.
03/12/2003 Joan Bower jbower
  • Steve has just presented at the IRA West Regional Conference in Portland, Oregon. His sessions were packed out!!! Steve's passion for reading and children rings loud and clear each time I have the opportunity to hear him.
03/11/2003 Kristine Truax ktruax
  • Steve I attended the Middle School conference at M.S.U. earlier this year, and was lucky enough to spend two days in mainly your sessions. I was also quick enough to purchase the original covered copy of This Side of Paradise, which I have since read aloud to my students. I cannot tell you how much they enjoyed this book! Each day there were shouts as I ended a reading, pleas to read more, eagerness for me to begin again. As I told you at the conference, this is not the genre I usually would read, but my students absolutely loved the book. A student said to me one afternoon, as I finished reading for the day, "Come on! I never even liked books before, and now I don't want you to stop!" What a great tribute to your skills. Thank you so very much! We, my students and I, are sending you a packet of letters, along with a quilt square for our "Author Quilt". We hope you can illustrate or at least sign the square in permanent marker, and that we can use it as part of our quilt project. We'll even enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope for you to send it back to us Hope your writing is coming along well. All of my students are anxious for a new novel and hoping for a sequel to Paradise Sincerely Kristine Truax
03/11/2003 Ann Marie Boettger aboettger
  • I just attended the MRA conference at the Amway Grand in Grand Rapids Michigan and I have never been to a lecture that was so moving as yours was. I was there as a parent trying to find help for my 13 year old daughter who only has a 4th grade reading level. You were absolutely the best speaker and I so wish I could have found you for a book signing. If you have any ideas to help my daughter I would really appreciate it. If I ever have the opportunity to hear you again I will go and I will pass the word at how wonderful and inspiring you were. Thank you.
03/10/2003 Phyllis Weeks pweeks
  • I was mesmerized by your presentation at the Michigan Reading Association Conference! Your enthusiasm, your knowledge of children, and your knowledge of books attest to the years you've spent actually working with children. The research shows that everything you say about why reading, either silently or aloud, is so important is true
02/17/2003 Suzanne Funk suzywallis
  • I just wanted to share with you how much I enjoyed the Reading seminar in Indianapolis. Thank you so much for sharing your books with us, especially This Side of Paradise. I bought two copies, one for me and one for my science teacher husband. We are both reading it aloud, and both of our classes can not get enough of your compelling, suspenseful book. We compare the students' thoughts and predictions with one another as well as with each other's classes. (We teach 6th grade at two different schools.) Many times, my students will not LET me stop reading. They say, quite emphatically, "You can not stop there!" Sometimes, I even read for an entire period, 40 minutes! Many of them have been disappointed that they have not been able to get their own copy at the bookstore. I can not tell you how much one day enriched my classroom, as well as other classrooms of teachers I have spoken with. Thanks again for your enthusiasm and for re-energizing my read aloud habits. Sincerely, Suzanne Funk, Shortridge Middle School
02/09/2003 Andrea Spears aspears
  • Wonderful presentations at Milwaukee in Feruary. I just finished "Paradise". Your writing is clever and super suspenseful!! I look forward to you writing for middle school students! Thanks for sharing your knowledge at WSRA!!
02/08/2003 Michael Holey mholey1983
  • The Book you wrote called "This Side Of Paradise" was an A+++++ read. Extremely Suspenseful from the first page of the book to the last. The persona of the characters and how the family has there challenges with the Dad working at a Cloning Laboratory is superb. I hope the last sentence made a little sense. :-| What it all comes down to is that this is one of the best books I have read in years! This one is definately going on my "Top 5 List"!
02/02/2003 Joshua Lewis dinohunter
  • I liked the poem "Mr. Fix-It". It was funny. What is "Mergers" and what is it about? Thanks for sharing these with us.
01/28/2003 Bridget Hughes jnb1
  • Dr. Layne, I attended a SDE workshop earlier this month and truly enjoyed it. I began reading a book you recommended called Deathwatch to my reading class. They simply can not get enough of the book--they beg me to read as soon as class starts and some days, I read aloud to them for 40 minutes! Thank you for helping to spark a reading interest in my classes. I can't wait to read some of the other books you suggested.
01/27/2003 Betty O'Brien pobrien
  • Steve - Good to hear from you. Congratulations on another new book! It's best to keep in touch with this email address because it comes to my home. The other is only at school. I forgot to tell you that I am reading one of your poems each night for my college students. They are great discussion starters! Keep in touch, and the next time you are in AZ we'll get something set up with my school and maybe some others too. I would love to have the teachers here hear you. Betty
01/09/2003 Shelly Neal jneal
  • Just saw you today in Fort Wayne. Loved it!! I had to leave early and I really wanted to stay. I can't wait to read "Paradise". Thanks for all the great ideas, new books, and practical suggestions.
01/07/2003 Diana Claydon dsclaydon
  • I have recently become acquainted with Steve's "Life's Literacy Lessons - Poems for Teachers", through my membership with the International Reading Association. As Read Aloud chair for my county's schools in West Virginia,I was particularly moved by the poem entitled "Read to Them". In this motivational poem, Steve makes reference to many classic works for children (most of which I could identify, but a couple I had do a bit of research to discover their sources, and two I actually had to solicit Steve's assistance) and encourages teachers (and others) to read to children, because they may be the critcal person to turn a child on to the world of books I have received permission to use his poem with my undergraduate children's literature classes at West Virginia University, because I feel the message of this poem is invaluable for perspective teachers I highly recommend the purchase of this small volume of poetry. I have purchased several copies through the IRA for colleagues and friends. There is a new hardback edition available with two new poems, I understand Enjoy his literary insight, Diana Claydo


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"After attending your workshop in March, Iím finding you to be my new hero."

Mrs. Debby Dobbs, Reading Teacher - Karcher Middle School, Burlington, WI

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