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12/08/2004 Willena S. White willwwsw
  • I thoroughly enjoyed your presentations at the Mississippi Reading Association's 34th Annual Conference recently held in Biloxi, Mississippi--"Building Readers - A TEAM Effort." I was deeply touch as you shared your experience about your co-worker and friend who had the Mother who was ill with Alzheimer's Disease. I was even more warmed to see that mine were not the only eyes looking at you through windows of water. You affirmed many, many feelings that we as educators toil with so often on a daily basis. YES, it's OK to give a co-worker whom you love dearly a deaf ear, cold shoulder, swift kick, etc. to get them going again and out of your head but not out of your heart. Yes, its OK to humanize feelings and reactions with the students we try to reach on a daily basis. Most of all, NO, the best stories are not already in the books we use as text or already on the zillions of book list we use. Many times they are in the hearts and souls of our students, co-workers, friends, and even ourselves. JUST WRITE THE STORY--the way you feel it.
11/15/2004 Becki cullipher
  • Having just returned from the Arkansas Reading Conference, I'm fired up with new ideas and energy and it's all your fault!!! I would love to take a class with you as the instructor, you are awesome. I can't wait for Christmas to give my dad Verses for Dad's Heart, and I know my students are going to love your books. Keep up the good work, have fun with those kids, and try not to miss the airport shuttle!!!
11/15/2004 Christina chalkdust
  • I sat in the audience at the Arkansas Reading Conference, attended two of your workshops, and internalized every single word you said. I, too, have the belief system that I could be teaching the next Poet Laureate or Newbery winner. I could also be the one who puts a book in a child's hand that makes her look at her own life with different eyes, new eyes that let her know that she's going to make it. Thank you for sharing your heart about your father. That emotional exposure takes true courage, but it does show that writing can make the meekest of us bold. Thank you for sharing your vision for readers and teachers. Unfortunately, I cannot thank you for...**singing** ...The Magic Hat, the Magic Hat, it goes like this, it goes like that. *smile* On a closing note, I lived in Guam for three years and am glad to read that you working to provide educational support for the teachers there.
11/12/2004 Marilyn pressboxmom
  • Love your books. They are new to me, but I loved all I have read. My grandson hopes to teach in middle school after graduating from Wheaton in 2006. The Sci-Fi one will be his favorite I'm sure.
11/10/2004 Melanie Crider melaniecrider
  • I really enjoy reading your work and studying your craftsmanship. I've listened to you speak to teachers, and I admire your enthusiasm. I look forward to reading more of your works!! Melanie, NE AR
11/02/2004 Carol Reimer creimer
  • What's up Mr. L? How ya doing? Have you written a sequel to This Side of Paradise? Our 7th grade class has read it, and we all loved it. Will you please contact us if you have started a sequel? We all have a lot of questions that we need to have answered. The epiloge left us in dismay. IF there is no sequel than can you make one up for us. Thanks. See ya later. ~Justin Fuller, period 3
11/02/2004 Allison theathlete525421
  • I loved This Side of Paradise! It was full of things that I really look for on a book. I give it 5 stars without a doubt!
10/28/2004 Carolyn Ippolito cdsji
  • I recently attended the NERA Conference in Nashua, NH where you were the keynote speaker and also did a workshop on Igniting A Passion For Reading. I thouroughly enjoyed being a part of the enthusiasm as your words inspired every person in the room! I was so motivated and excited after the conference and couldn't wait to talk to our school librarian in hope that she would order ALL of your book so that each and every child in our school could enjoy them. Thank you so much for the inspiration!
10/27/2004 Debbie Francis dfrancis
  • I recently heard you speak at the NERC in Nashua, NH. I loved every minute of your presentation. I purchased This Side of Paradise for my sith grade daughter. She can't put it down! She even told her class at school about( as far as she"s read) and now all her classmates are wanting to read it. When are you coming out with a paperback edition? I would gladly purchase a class set.
10/17/2004 ellery dancin_chick68
  • I LOVED your book "This side of Paradise". Just the way you expressed the charecters of the book just made it come alive.
09/30/2004 Sharon Clement clemsh
  • My class has 12 boys and 2 girls, all seniors in a science and technology academy. Yesterday, we finished This Side of Paradise as a read aloud. I had looked for a book that was acceptable to read aloud and yet interesting enough to engage seniors. They all loved the book. Some days several boys pounded on the table tops while chanting," Paradise! Paradise!" I was afraid that they would laugh or groan at the "romantic" scenes with Jori and Jack, but they loved those too. They loved Gram and absolutely hated the father. Since these students are members of a science and technology academy, we looked beyond the plot at the use of technology and raised some questions as to plausibility. In particular, they questioned whether the electrical charge limiting entry and exit from the town could be at partial power, allowing Jack to receive a lesser jolt. Could it be like a dimmer switch or is it like a circuit breaker? Those are the kinds of questions we asked. Also, could those rubber galoshes be enough to protect Gram? Could the super squirters really short circuit the android? They want to know if you are planning a sequel.
09/30/2004 Elmo trespaortiz802
  • Paradise was a good book.
09/22/2004 jessica abbiemax103
  • Hi Steve I really loved your book "This Side of Paradise" I read it at school.I was wondering if you are writing another book about it. I think it would be awesome to read. Jessica
09/16/2004 Katy lazypup
  • I love your books ! My teacher read us "My Brother Dan is Delicious" and my entire class enjoyed it! You came to my school on 09164 and i went to your writing class i enjoyed meeting you !
08/11/2004 Merriam Turner book43lady
  • Your presentations at the AASL conference in Hot Springs revived me and gave me some new insights into my students especially those who can read but won't. I will be using several of your ideas this school year. Thanks.
07/04/2004 jessica mxpxfan361
  • I loved your book,This side of paradise, it really is a great book for young adults!!!!!
07/04/2004 jessica mxpxfan361
  • I loved your book,This side of paradise, it really is a great book for young adults!!!!!
06/08/2004 Anna alujan
  • I read "This side of Paradise" and it was great. I loved that spunky grandma! I enjoyed your presentation at TLA this year and have used several of your ideas and they have worked out great! Thanks for your inspiration and enthusiasm! Anna
05/22/2004 kate kkbubbles
  • i absolutley loved "this side of paradise" and i hope you come out with a sequel!
05/20/2004 Kaylie Keister Kaymkay92
  • Hi Steve! You did a very good job of whriting This Side of Paradise. I go to Forreston Middle School. I'm sorry you couldn't come to the school today, I hope everybody is doing better in your family. Thanks for the book you signed! and have a good summer!!!!
05/18/2004 Stephanie ishboosdabest
  • My seventh grade class read "This Side of Paradise" and I LOVED it and so did the rest of the class. We are looking forward to a sequel to answer some of the questions the epilogue left us with.
05/18/2004 Stephanie ishboosdabest
  • My seventh grade class read "This Side of Paradise" and I LOVED it and so did the rest of the class. We are looking forward to a sequel to answer some of the questions the epilogue left us with.
05/17/2004 KPetrusch kpetrusch
  • Dear Mr. Layne--After attending the Ky Rding Assoc meeting last fall in Louisville, I decided to read aloud This Side of Paradise to my 8th grade Language Arts classes at Drakes Creek Middle School ---I never imagined how successful this would be with my students! They were mesmerized and then clamored to know when the sequel would be published! Thank you for the good literature and the inspiration.
05/12/2004 Carol Hendries chendries
  • Dr.Layne I have been having a wonderful evening, reading the books I purchased at your presentation this evening in Concord, NH. After "getting to know my books"...I proceeded to your website and reviewed the study guides. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to sharing with my students and peers. We have been looking at "Our World" in the classroom and I cannot wait to read Thomas's Sheep and the Great Geography Test to the children...how timely that we've also been discussing alphabetical order! Most importantly, thank you for your genuine sharing. Your generosity is heartwarming. Wishing you all the best on your trip to Russia. Your children are blessed to have you for a dad Thanks for the inspiration. Carol
05/04/2004 Chelsea ckell
  • We are reading This Side of Paradise in our 8th grade class....everyone LOVES it so far..it think its great that my teacher could find a book that would interest us all!!
04/18/2004 Ericka lucky_8_09
  • In my 7th grade reading class , we read your book, " This Side of Paradise." It was the most amazing story I've ever read. The way you described what Jack was feeling and doing was so vivid and real. I literally could not put it down. When i read your epilogue, I suspected that there may be a sequel and if you shall write one, it will be the only book on my mind until then. I loved your story. Thank you.
04/05/2004 charmed_one mtarwater1
  • I was at the Junior Authors Conference, and I thought that you were hilarious. You sound just like I think, and it kinda scared me that we were so much alike. I'm reading This Side of Paradise, and it's great so far!
03/26/2004 Debbie Paine dpaine
  • I love reading aloud to my 8th grade classes. Finding books to interest all students has been a challenge at times
03/11/2004 Megan Perrine mperrine33
  • Steven, I just wanted to say what an awesome motivational speaker you are, who gets to the "heart" of the teacher and reading! I was at the TARC meeting tonight and bought up many of your books and was delighted with their content and your willingness to sign all of them! I appreciate your unique style and down to earth approach towards children, colleagues and education! Bravo! I can't wait to share your books as part of my "hot reads"! I have a little red wagon that I can fit a book in to display and was brainstorming my own catchy slogan....I came up with: Miss Perrine's Little "READ" Wagon Hood...Won't you be a Passenger?
02/27/2004 chelsey lilmamma_692004
  • this side of paradise is the best book ever
02/15/2004 Retta Richardson brichard
  • Hi Steven, Just wanted to tell you I have been attending a Four Blocks workshop by Libby Turner. She has read us a couple of poem from you Life's Literacy Lessons: Poems for Teachers. It was such an honor to tell the group that I was your second grade teacher and mentioned in the dedication. You were a wonderful student and have become an outstanding educator and author. I am so proud to have been involved in your life for a short period of time.
01/30/2004 El Campo Middle School 6th Period kmckelvy
  • We can tell by the epilogue in your book, This Side of Paradise, that you are planning a sequel. We feel that the title of the next book should be: Eden's Return or The Other Side of Paradise. We LOVED your book and can't wait for another. Mrs. McKelvy's 6th period English class. El Campo MIddle School El Campo, Texas 77437
01/24/2004 Jesse D. Castro jdominic98
  • Greetings and Hafa Adai from our beautiful Paradise in the Pacific Ocean on the island of GUAM. Thank you once again for the awesome presentation you gave during our Family Night at Saint Francis Catholic School in the village of Yona. It was nice to see you once more at Bestseller's today and I hope you enjoy the Photo Album! Have a safe trip home and God Bless!
01/21/2004 Ruth Whetsel Neeley ruth52155
  • Steve, I enjoyed your one day seminar so much. It was nice to see you again. I used your book "My Brother Dan's Delicious" in my persuasive writing mini-lesson...the kids loved it! I have used other books you showed us! Thanks for all the good ideas! Ruth
01/15/2004 J Hetzel john.hetzel
  • Looking forward to your visit to Andersen Middle School on 20 Jan, after reading about you on your website. It sounds exciting. Welcome! Andersen School Liaison
01/14/2004 Debbie Salassi saintsdeb
  • I absolutely love each one of your books--my students do, too! I had the pleasure of being in your seminars when you came to Jefferson Parish in Louisiana at the beginning of this school year--I sat through all 3 of them!!! I have used several of your suggestions as far as reading time with my class! You are great! Debbie


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