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10/07/2005 Alyssa M waltonville
  • Dear Dr. Layne, I liked your presentation on Oct.6. I like how you read some of your sequel to This Side of Paradise. It inspired me to want to read your new book. I also liked how you told us how you got your ideas for writing all your books. I also enjoyed how your students at your school gave you ideas for your books. I thought it was sad how you were paralyzed last year, but I am glad you have recovered.:)
09/27/2005 konrad tennisplaya79
  • Dr.Layne, best wishes for You and for Your Family.I hope you will feel better. Konrad K
09/24/2005 Anita Thompson athompson
  • I attended your seminar in Birmingham, Alabama about 3 years ago. It was wonderful. I purchased "This Side of Paradise" and read it to my class. They loved it. The current class is enthralled by it. I am delighted to know that it is in paperback, and has an AR test available. I also wanted to say that you inspired me. I have begun work on my PhD in Reading and Literacy. I hope to have an emphsis on literacy and motivation. Thank you. Anita Thompson
09/23/2005 Anne-Marie Quinn aquinn
  • I was just searching for a perfect mystery book to read with my 5th graders and went to check for your recommendations. I met you at a conference in Manchester a few years ago and was truly reinspired by your thoughts. I faithfully read to my kids every day because of you. I was shocked and saddened to hear of your illness. I do hope you are getting better each day. Stay strong, we need people like you.
09/17/2005 Manette Crawford nettetoo
  • I was just checking you website to see if you had any new books out and just now learned of your illness. You and your family are definitely in my prayers as you continue to recover. I teach 5th - 8th grade in a parochial school and it has become a tradition to read "This Side of Paradise" to my 6th grade class. The ones who have already heard it keep asking if you have another book out yet which is why I was checking your site. Know that there is a small Catholic school in Taylor, Michigan praying for you all.
06/10/2005 Cathy Laliberte lalibertec
  • Dear Dr. Layne, After listening to your presentation at last October's NERA Conference about establishing a Reading Lounge, I came back to my building ready to spread the word. My Literacy Team and I explored some avenues to find funding, and after eight months, we are pleased to announce the generosity of our PTO will make a Reading Lounge a reality for the new school year. On behalf of the New Searles Elementary School community, I would like to thank you for the inspiration. The anticipation of having this space available is already building. We also began an after school Book Club this year and will be expanding it next.
05/23/2005 Frank Pangelinan misterp
  • Hafa Adai from Guam! Was so happy to meet with you at the IRA Convention. I was humbled by your recall of your visit to St. Francis School in Guam. Was so thrilled that you mentioned our great Childrens' Choir and that you still listen to their songs. Our prayers are with you for a complete and quick recovery. Children and teachers need the likes of you.
05/19/2005 Clea Peterson cleabea
  • You are such an inspiration. Thank you for all that you do.
05/09/2005 Pam Albers picasso2
  • Oh my gosh the new website is outstanding!! I love the new features and being able to keep up with you! It is so great to hear that you are up and out blessing the world with your work.
05/06/2005 Judy Conkle jconkle
  • Hi Steve, I met you at the Greenbrier in December at the WV Reading Assoc. meeting. I went back to school and started reading THIS SIDE OF PARADISE to my 8th. graders. We were really "into it" when we got news of your illness. We have kept up with your progress and are happy to know of your steady improvement. I want you to know that after many years of teaching, I am a better teacher now because of your insight and wisdom. I learned so much from attending your two sessions and talking with you. I hope to bring you to my school sometime soon. I hope your recovery continues. Sincerely, Judy Conkle, Wheeling, WV
04/26/2005 judi wandres judiwandres
  • Dear Steve I do hoe that you remember who I am. I guess you could check me out on the SDE presenter profiles if you have forgotten. I cannot tell you how happy I am to hear that you are able to go back to work. I have been following your recovery by way of the wonderful blog your wife, Debbie, worked so hard on. I really do hope that our paths cross again one day soon. I know that I will be in Belleville, Il in Aug. Don't know if that's anywhere near you or not. I am also following in your footsteps in Madison Plains, Ohio. I am the guest speaker this year at their retreat. You were there last year. You will be a tough act to follow! You are truly an inspiration to us all. I am thrilled that I have had the good fortune to know you. Keep on getting better and better. I have no doubt that you will make a 100% recovery and I will continue to hear wonderful things about you. Judi Wandre SDE Consultan 732.236.196
04/25/2005 Kim McKelvy kmckelvy
  • My students absolutely LOVED This Side of Paradise. We can't wait until Mergers is on the shelves in stores. Hope to hear you are recovering from your illness and doing well very soon! Mrs. Kim McKelvy's 7th grade English students El Campo, Texas 77437
04/07/2005 Christine Voreis Voreis98
  • Steve guided me through my first master's program at NIU seven years ago and I have been a huge fan ever since! I am always looking back on the advice he gave to my cohort and the commitment with which he teaches for inspiration. I never can keep his books on my classroom library shelves. Thank you, Layne family, for working so hard to get Steve back out there, doing what he loves - teaching. God bless and my prayers are with your family.
04/04/2005 Faith Odemwingie fodemwingie
  • My Favorite book was "This Side of Paradise", thanks steve i'm so glad you wrote that book , i learned alot from it
03/22/2005 Ashley sponegbobchick03
  • I was one of the freshman students you spoke to at Joliet West High School, I was very shocked when I heard about you being in the hospital...I really hope you get better on behalf of the Freshman. <3 JT West Freshman Tech Prep Students and Teachers
03/19/2005 Jacquie McTaggart mctag
  • Steve, Reading conferences just aren't quite the same without your bubbly presence and motivating words. I do hope each day offers you a bit of improvement. Educators and librararian eagerly await your return to the podium. And what's more - kids NEED you to come back. I hope it will be soon. Jacquie McTaggart
03/09/2005 Diana Campos sonrisa24_7
  • Dr. Layne, it's Diana. I was pretty upset when I found out that you were in the hospital. You see, you've been one of my mentors over the last couple of months. That advice that you gave me right before Christmas got me through my first teaching job decision. Thanks to you, I made it through. There's so much I want to share with you, but it will have to be some other time. I've been keeping tract of your progress, and all I can say is praise be to God, He's got you in His hands. I hope I get to talk to you soon.
03/06/2005 judi wandres judiwandres
  • Dear Steve I just wanted you to know that I think of you and your struggle all the time. I am inspired by you and your family. How fortunate I am to have met you. I do hope that when you are well (and I have no doubt that you willl be) we have another chance to connect. Interestingly enough I am going to the Madison Plains retreat in OH this year as the Keynote & Presenter. I know you were there last year. You'll be a tough act to follow. Please know that many of us are thinking about you and sending our positive energy your way. Sincerely Judi Wandres (SDE presenter)
02/27/2005 Ashley ashrae_34
  • I LOVED This side of Paradise but u should either write a sequel or fix the Epilouge because i was left puzzling over what REALLY happened. But over all I Loved this book and i hope u write more books.
02/25/2005 chris ramion chris19_91
  • hello Dr. Layne the book "This Side of Paradise" is a very awesome book. My 6th grade teacher just finished reading it to my class and im thinking of going to Barns & Nobles to read it again. Its just one thing my teacher and I just dont understand its the epilouge could you explain that to me please very soon i'd really appreciate it thank you Doctor. You can email me thanks!!
02/23/2005 Lori-Jayne Slobodnik ljsslob
  • Steve, you are the best! God has used you to touch my life. You are such a strong, giving, caring person that has made a difference in so many lives. Jessie and I are blessed to know you! Let all know that even from his hospital bed, his inspiration is as strong as ever. Love ya Steve and Deb
02/08/2005 Jessica abbiemax103
  • Hi Steave, my name is Jessica and i just wanted to say that i loved the book "This side of Paradise" i thought that you did an awesome job writing it. the whole mystery behind it was cool. i heard that you were writing a second this side of paradise. is that true? and when do you think it is coming out? please write back! thank you~ jessica
02/04/2005 Peggy B. Peterson ppeterson
  • Miss Reading Association had Steve with us in Dec. What a success that was. After his speech I purchased THIS SIDE OF PARADISE. I read this over the holidays and look forward to sharing it with other educators and students in the middle grades. GREAT book and will middle school kids love it.My prayers are with you and your family. 20050223
02/03/2005 Doris Ettlinger mcfad
  • Dear Debbie and Steve I am the artist who is illustrating T is for Teacher. Since Jennifer Lundahl at Sleeping Bear Press told me about Steve's illness, I've been checking in on your website. My thoughts have been with you both as I completed the book. A few minutes ago I packed everything up to be Fed Exed to Sleeping Bear. You have so much on your minds right now, but I thought you'd like to know that your book is going to look very good. Sincerely Doris Ettlinge
02/02/2005 Stephen O'Rear steveorear
  • Dr. Layne I doubt you remember me, but I most certainly remember you. As a student in your Adolescent Lit class, you stirred up a passion that I still haven't been able to quell a year later. Thanks to you, I'm driving myself crazy trying to find a decent Christian publishing house that actually HAS a male adolescent fiction department (not much luck so far). You put me in touch with some great writers and taught me how to read the not-so-great writers from the proper perspective. You unashamedly shared your passion for young ballerinas and misunderstood boys. You forced me to actually write instead of offering sideline criticism. I can't thank you enough for the lessons you taught me. My prayers are with you and your family - you're too good of a professor to lose! God bless.
01/29/2005 Sheryl Nixt sjn
  • Our prayers and thoughts are with both of you. We are glad to hear every day that he is doing better. My GATE (gifted) classes are keeping up with your daily diary. We have great memories of your visit to Guam and know that you will be out and about giving those wonderful talks to inspire our kids to read! Tammy is a close friend and we are glad she also keeps in touch from Iowa. I was at IRA in the states last year too, I am sure you do not remember everyone but we want you to know that you are in our prayers and you will get well!
01/23/2005 Jordan Brown jordan4289
  • Hey there cousin Steve. I miss you dearly and I have been praying for you and Debbie, I hope you get better and the family down here in Kentucky love you very much, get well soon. I have been reading This Side of Paradise for the second time and it is amazing! The suspense is wonderful. Take care cousin Steve. Jordan
01/21/2005 Natalie Glasshof 1nglasshof
  • I'm not sure how could get in contact with Dr. Layne, besides email, which is not a priority to check right now. But I wanted to send my blessings as Dr. Layne served as my supervisor during my student teaching experience. He is an inspiration. God Bless, Natalie Glasshof
01/19/2005 Beverly Hall bhall69
  • I just wanted you to know you are in my prayers, and so many more people. I look forward to the time that you can come to our SC State conference. God Bless you.
01/17/2005 Debra Gallo dbosswoman
  • Hafa Adai from Guam - Those of us here that where honored with your presentations and your positive up lifting spirit for life are praying for your speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you again on the island "Where America's Day Begins" God Speed
01/16/2005 Anonymous lalala123abc
  • I'm in 6th grade and my RLA read Paradise ot us aloud. I loved it! Steven Layne, you're a writing genius!
01/13/2005 Natalie Whetzel 1nwhetzel
  • Dr. Layne is one of the most amazing men I've ever met, not to mention very gifted writer. I was blessed enough to have him as my professor for a course in adolescent literature. He taught me the power of becoming a better writer through the incredible gift of reading. I've never been taught so much in such about a short period of time. His words are inspiring, challenging, and unforgettable. This man loves books.
01/07/2005 Shari Medley iteachstuff
  • I very wisely purchased "This Side of Paradise" to read aloud to my 7th graders. It is amazing to witness the interest, attention, and questions this story is evoking. Dr. Layne, thanks so much for writing a story that my middle schoolers do not find too babyish or boring.
01/04/2005 Marie Boone N/A
  • I read all the books you sent me, but my favorite one was "This Side of Paradise." I really loved that book. It was great! Send me another great one when you get a chance.
01/04/2005 Danielle dj_sherrell
  • I love This Side of Paradise!! I have a signed copy,and enjoy every second of suspense!!


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