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12/19/2006 Brandi mygordon3
  • I really think your book "This Side of Paradise" should be made into a movie!! My class read it and I loved it so much!! Every time we had to stop reading in the middle of a chapter, I got so mad because it was always a great part of the book. I can't wait until the second book comes out!!
12/19/2006 Zane Watson zanetheflame
  • Dude your book was awesome I really loved how it keept me wanting to read more and more.Any way I cant wait for the sequel.
12/19/2006 zach henderson bnvll4
  • I really loved This Side of Paradise. My teacher read it to us and at first I thought I would hate it, but I started to hate the bell for making me put it down.
12/19/2006 amber midenight kugo cat
  • The book This Side of Paradise was great! I loved it, but the first cover is better I think. Otherwise, it's awesome!
12/19/2006 megan meganwi11
  • i thought your book "This Side of Paradise" was awesome
12/19/2006 Andrew Held fishyfood316
  • This Side of Paradise was an awseome book! I think they need to make a movie about it! It's that good. All I can say is WOW!
12/19/2006 joshua tenbarge atenbarge
  • I hate reading. I'll admit that, but This Side of Paradise is the best book ever excluding Goosebumps.
12/19/2006 max weber maxbulldog1
  • Your book rocks!!!!!!!
12/19/2006 Jessica Faver angeljf1994
  • Hey, Steve! This Side of Paradise is an AWESOME book! I really enjoyed reading this book! Our 7th grade L.A. teacher...Ms.Dalton(the best teacher) read This Side of Paradise to us about a week ago. It was amazing! I really liked it and so did my friends! So all I have to say is "Thank You" for making such a wonderful verson of This Side of Paradise!
12/19/2006 KENDRA HART vdalton
12/16/2006 Cari Kokos cteddyteach
  • What a wonderful surprise to see how many fabulous books you have published. I was in a children's lit class you taught for Northern IL and I was lucky enough to have your very first book signed by you. I already own...and gift out your Teacher's Night Before Christmas... and I just bought T is for Teacher at Borders. Of course, now I am ordering them all from you!! Keep up the great writing. You are an inspiration to all!!! PS...you are by far the best professor I have ever had.
12/14/2006 Kendra huntbits
  • I love this book. It was so awesome. I also heard from one of my friends that you were writing a sequel. Is that true? I really hope you do. Well talk to you later. (I love the original cover better.)!!!BYE!!!
12/14/2006 Jade Way bandgeek474
  • Wow your book "This Side of Paradise" inspired me to think outside of the box. it was very suspenceful. i loved it!
12/13/2006 Brittany brittbee
  • Wow,Steven! I just finished reading This Side of Paradise. It is one of the best books I have ever read. I really enjoyed reading that book. Iwould really like to meet you someday because I want to be an author.I want this book to be a movie. You also need to make a sequel of this book. I would really enjoy it if you would come to our school to speak.
12/13/2006 Kristopher Appel vdalton
  • Hello! This Side of Paradise is awesome! I just finished it ten minutes ago. Will you be making a movie or a sequel book?I'm a big fan!
12/13/2006 Jesse Bailey vdalton
  • You need to make a sequel of This Side Of Paradise. Please ask a movie company if you can make a movie of This Side Of Paradise.
12/13/2006 Tyler Allen ktasports
  • Hey, My name is Tyler and I just finished your book "This Side of Paradise", and it was so good. My teacher has been reading it with our class and she said that you are a very good author. Well, I hope you keep writing good books so I can read them.
12/13/2006 Samantha Camo Softbalsammy
  • Hey, my name is Samantha Camp and Mrs.Dalton is my Language Arts teacher at Boonville Jr. High school. I wanted to let you know that your book "This Side of Paradise" is one of the best books that I've ever read! I think you are a really, really good author! I just wanted to let you know that!
12/13/2006 Evan Murray evanrmurray
  • This side of Paradise was an awesome book I LOVED it.
12/13/2006 evan murray evanrmurray
  • I loved your book. It was awesome.
12/13/2006 logan fleming vdalton
  • I was wanting to know if you were going to make a sequel to This Side of Paradise. It was a really good book.
12/13/2006 Keri Jo Abercrombie92544
  • "This Side of Paradise" was a very good book. We read it in my language arts class at school. It's the best book I have ever read. You should write a sequel to it.
12/13/2006 Chelsey t.dewitt
  • I really like your book the Side Of Paradise. It is very catching and it always leaves questions unanswered every chapter then sums it up in the end. I'm not a big fan of Science Fiction books but this turned out to be one of my all time favorites. I think you should write a sequel. Thanks.
12/13/2006 Samantha Nolan Sisterkaye12
  • Hey, I loved your " This Side Of Paradise " book, it was very creative and well written, you are one of my favorite authors, I know your sequel will be even better than this!!!! ciao!
12/13/2006 Dustin Schroeder guitarplayerandsinger5000
  • Wow! My class just got done reading "This Side of Paradise." I love how you made Gram act like a 13 year old with her jokes. You should start a sequel to this book. All I can say is fabulous!
12/13/2006 Taylor G. hotstar52893
  • Hey, Steve! My Language Arts class just got done reading This Side of Paradise and I loved it. How do you know what to write when you are writing a book? I think that since the book This Side of Paradise was so good you should maybe make a second one. That would be so cool. Well, I have to go I will talk to you later. Loved your book!
12/13/2006 T.HOLLEY BLEACH93
12/08/2006 Kristine Brickey kbrickey
  • Dear Steven, Wow! I just finished Mergers, and had to tell you thanks for another great read! My students have checked out all of the copies I gave to our library, plus all of the copies of This Side of Paradise. I cannot wait to read them aloud to my classes, too. Thank you again for a wonderful seminar here in East Lansing, Michigan. I look forward to keeping in touch with you on my own writing. I had a student "double dog dare me" to write my own book, after I shared the events from the conference. So, looks like I have to step up to the plate!
11/29/2006 sammy johnson sammy
  • I love your book, "This Side of Paradise" I read it all the time. I can't wait until I read Mergers. I just haven't quit gotten to that book yet, but I will by next week. Write again soon.
11/29/2006 devin devthepev
  • I really like your books they are great
11/19/2006 shannon tsduvall
  • I just wanted to say that I have read the most interesting book that I have ever encountered with. The name of it was "This side of Paradise", I couldn't put it down. My son got it from his high school library and has to take a test on it. He started telling me about it and I asked if I could read it, I also told him it would probably take me several days to read it. To my amazement I started reading it and found myself so into it that I read it in a day. I really would like to check out other books. If you have any suggestions on other books as good I would like to know about them. I am still awed about this book I intend to let all my friends know about this. I am a grown woman and didn't know that I could get so hooked on something as genious as this.
11/15/2006 Sondra Seward seward
  • Dear Steve, A heartfelt thank-you from the Independence Public Library Fundraising Committee for your thoughtful gift. Your signed books will go far toward making our silent book auction in January a success. You put a smile in our day! Sincerely,Sondra Seward L.A.C.E.S.
11/08/2006 Jill Ball catnip2001
  • Steve touched my heart and my funny bone at his appearance at the annual conference of school librarians in Indiana. He has adopted children and I myself was adopted. Like Steve my husband survived a catastrophic illness a couple of years ago. His sense of humor and then very practical suggestions for reading motivation were very much appreciated. Many thanks for sharing.
11/06/2006 Deleen Baker Deleen.Baker
  • I hosted Steven Layne in the Oregon City School District for a nine school visitation where he was absolutely stellar in each and every one of his performances. He held the attention of all students, staff members, and parents through each presentation. In one school, Steven presented to a group of K-6 students in a group of 490 and was able to reach all intrests in his one hour presentation.
11/02/2006 Moriah live.4-today
  • I loved your book "This Side Of Paradise". I read it for school for one of my classes, it was Amazing! It was so suspensful, but at the same time romantic, and just so interesting.When i got the book i started to read it right away. but once I started I could'nt put it down! I used to never really like reading, but now i love it thanks to you and your books. you are an amazing writter. your books are great for young teenagers like me. thank you.
10/29/2006 Markie Hertel thefinishline011
  • This Side of Paradise was GREAT!!! Is there a sequel? If possible, could you please send me an email telling if there is one?
10/29/2006 Peggy Short mshort
  • Steve kept 350 8th graders enthralled for an hour and 20 minutes one morning - and then repeated the feat with 360 7th graders at the end of the day! If you teach middle school - you know that is almost impossible! Seriously, I feel that the teachers could have left the room - and the kids wouldn't have even missed us because they were so focused on Steve's presentation. If only every assembly we planned turned out so well!! Steve - thanks for coming to Skyview - and I hope you return often!!
10/16/2006 Roland Smith roland
  • I had the great pleasure of hearing Steve present the luncheon keynote at the Diamond State Reading Association conference in Delaware last week. Simply put: he was absolutely wonderful! His speech was moving, inspirational, funny, and thought provoking. I've heard a lot speeches (and given a few myself) Steve is an outstanding speaker. Roland Smith, Author
10/10/2006 Sharon Reed-Erickson sreederickson
  • As a curriculum coordinator, I couldn't be more pleased with Steve's visit to our middle school. He engaged and inspired students and staff alike about both reading and writing. Everyone was impressed and everyone is clamoring for his books, and finding them so worthwhile. We are grateful that our first author visit in years was so wildly successful.
10/03/2006 Pam LaRiviere mikenpam83
  • What a pleasure it was having Steven Layne be a part of the Lee County Reading Council's conference. He was our keynote speaker, did an afternoon workshop, and author signings. He was a delight to work with in the planning stages and amazing the day of the conference. Participants want him back again. Steve made everyone feel significant at the book signings. His workshop motivated teachers with ideas to bring writing to the classroom. His keynote was filled with humor, tears, joy, and the reality of what education is truly about ... the kids. I highly recommend him for any school, community, or parent function.
10/02/2006 Brian Lewis bjlewis
  • Steve was simply fantastic...I've never seen kids so excited about reading as they were in the days surrounding his visit to Skyview Middle School. The waiting list to check out Mergers from the library is now over 20 students long and growing every day. Many thanks for your passion and inspiration!
10/02/2006 Eileen Suckley Eralphs.metaphors
  • I attended a Steve Layne workshop during my first year of teaching. Thank God! Six years later, it remains one of the best workshops ever and the lessons and insights gained from that seminar continue to inform my practice.
08/04/2006 Janice H. Hatcher, Ph.D. jhatcher
  • Dr. Layne:I want to express my sincere gratitude in your coming to Sherman Avenue Elementary and providing my teachers with the most rewarding experience. You taught us all how to love reading. In all my years in education (26) and all the coursework (doctoral included)taken, I have never had anyone present how reading consists of two separate spheres, that is, the two sides of the circle. I always knew of the importance of reading aloud to children, but never really connected the other side of the sphere as part of that. I learned so much from you! I stayed on the edge of my seat through every story--feeling like a child again! Best wishes on your new baby. Your children are extremely blessed to have a father like you.Thank you again!Janice H. Hatcher, Ph.D.
07/19/2006 Lori Sabo sabofamily
  • The first time I heard Steve speak to a group of teachers, I sat there with a goofy smile on my face and "I've finally found my literacy soul mate" running through my mind. When he presented at Green Gables, both the primary and intermediate students were engaged and inspired. The staff development piece was the booster shot we needed to not let the high stakes testing pressure give us tunnel vision. If we are producing students who can read, but don't want to, we aren't doing our jobs. His ideas for bringing a real love of literature to our students were practical "Oh my gosh, I'm doing that tomorrow in my classroom" ideas. Loved it! Loved him!
06/05/2006 Joan Bower jmbower
  • Steve was our guest author for our local IRA council on May 24th. Many who attended said it was one of the best presentations they had heard. Steve shared his passion for reading aloud to kids of all ages. The following day, Steve was our visiting author at Hansen Elementary School in Olympia, WA. The children so enjoyed hearing how Steve's ideas and experiences turn into books. We had a fantastic day! Thanks, Steve for your entthusiasm and love of reading. We want you to come back to Washington very soon!
06/04/2006 Eileen Hall emhall2
  • Steve presented at Maryland's annual reading conference. His keynote presentation (Balcony People) made us laugh and cry and was the inspirational centerpiece of our conference!
05/31/2006 Tara Brown oceanisler
  • "Well, Steven, how can I add anything original when those preceding me have said it all? (and said it very well over and over.) You and your "Balcony People" touched absolutely everyone at our NC Reading Association conference in March. Not only is your writing outstanding, YOU are an awesome individual. You "WOWED" us! We are looking forward to having you with us again in 2008. Truly a gifted man with heart: loving, caring, sensitive. You are loved."
05/30/2006 Holly Myers hmyers
  • We have had the pleasure of hosting Steven Layne at our school twice this year. The first time, he was our featured author for the Young Author's Conference. His stories about his life and his books had the children and adults mesmerized. We were very excited about his additional visit to our school. The staff and students were equally as spell-bound and inspired to write by his visit. Thank you, Steven, for sharing your love of books and writing with us at Pioneer Elementary.
05/30/2006 Pat Brummel brumlfarm
  • Steven Layne braved the worst winter storm we have had in this area in quite a while to visit our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students at Plano Middle School in Dec. of 2005. The kids told me all about the wonderful author they heard as that was the day my new grandson decided to have as his birthday. Steven put up with my very early morning phone calls and was very gracious to me and our students. Our students love "Mergers" and can't wait for his next book. Hurry, Steven!
05/30/2006 Tracy Schuster tschuste
  • Steve was the featured author at our Young Authors' Conference this year. Both students and teachers left the conference feeling excited about writing. Many teachers have since shared the eagerness for writing their young authors brought back into the classroom. Steve's enthusiasm and passion for his art is contagious!
05/30/2006 Cheri Packard allskate86
  • Steven presented at our District Young Authors Conference. What sets Steven apart (and above) other authors who have visited IS his Passion and his willingness to inspire, motivate, encourage, and help others. This is monumental to a child! We are SO LUCKY to have him in Illinois!!!
05/29/2006 Al Buchanan abuchanan
  • Steven presented at as a keynote speaker at our state reading conference this year. He was dynamic, entertaining, and inspiring. He was extremely well received and our conference attendee comments stated that they would like to hear him speak again. I have heard him about three times and he was exceptional all three times. People in Virginia love Steven!
05/29/2006 Marie Verhaar mverhaar
  • Steve's visit to Valhalla Elementary was an inspiration to students and staff alike. During the K - 5 visits with students, he kept the audience captivated and engaged as he talked about his work and his passion for writing. Teachers have told me since his visit, his was by far the best author visit we've had. It was a fun, informative, and energizing day for all!
03/03/2006 Kathie Matthew, Librarian k_matthew
  • Steven's visit to our middle school exceeded by far all my expectations. I had read, and had been told by staff members who had heard him speak, that we were in for a treat, but never fully appreciated what a dynamic presenter he would be. Our students, all 950 5th through 8th graders in one large assembly, were on the edge of their seats as they listened, laughed and interacted with Steven for almost an hour. That's a long time to hold the attention of middle schoolers, and Steven did it without missing a beat. His mini workshops that he conducted throughout the day were filled with creative ideas and lots of positive energy. I know the students felt that they had participated in something special. Last of all, he was especially kind and sincerely interested in everyone he met as he autographed books for students and staff. The weekend after the visit, parents stopped me in the grocery store to tell me how much their children enjoyed the author visit. The School Board President, who sat in on some of the sessions, also went out of his way to congratulate me on a terrific author visit and specifically commented on Steven's dynamic presentations and considerate manner when talking one-on-one with our students. Obviously, I was thrilled with the total experience, and hope to invite Steven back to our middle school in four years when we a a whole new group of kids. Every child and teacher should have the chance to hear Steven speak.
02/26/2006 **** ****
  • We loved you at Edison Middle School on 2/23/06! it was fun
02/20/2006 Michelle Dutrow medutrow
  • Dr. Layne's presentation was spectacular! The staff was inspired by his strong passion for children's literature. Many a staff member commented that they were headed for the bookstore at the end of the day.
02/17/2006 Amy Forcellini aforcellini
  • THANK YOU- I had the pleasure of being part of your audience yesterday in Tyrone, PA, and I feel revitalized as a teacher. I am currently a reading coach, and I cannot wait to share some of what you brought to share yesterday. God Bless- you are doing an outstanding job.
02/10/2006 Suzanne Strohschein sstrohsc
  • Steve, Your presentation as the keynote speaker at the Secondary Reading League winter meeting last night was absolutely fabulous, offering us valuable tips for engaging high school students with pleasure reading! Thank you for your inspiration, humor, and encouragement. It was great to see you in such good health!
02/06/2006 Mary Donaldson mldonald
  • I was fortunate to here Dr. Layne speak at the IRA Southwest conference in Albuquerque. His presentation was fabulous. I had not been introduced to his books until then, but I have now and the first thing I did when I got back to school was leave the librarian a list of his titles and a request that she purchase them as soon as possible! Thank you for all the practicle ideas that I can use immediately in the classroom.
02/02/2006 Caryn Lesniak carynlesniak
  • Brilliant! Amazing! Listening to Dr. Layne speak is motivating. He has inspired me to be a better teacher and I have implemented his brilliant ideas in my classroom. My students thank you and so do I!!!!
01/30/2006 Jane Rosenbohm MrsR78
  • Steven Layne's visit to my school was stellar. Not only did he know his audiences, but his enthusiasm, energy, professionalism and humor made his presentations the finest. I would count it a priviledge to recommend him for a school visit and teacher in-service. Not all excellent writers can also enthrall their audiences. "Thank you" is inadequate
01/27/2006 Bobbie Hampson r_hampson
  • My students and I are looking forward to your upcoming visit to Conrad Weiser Middle School!


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