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12/24/2007 derrick dman6132
Greenwood, IN (USA)
  • The book "This Side of Paradise" was the best book I've ever read.
12/17/2007 Patrick pmashley112305
Boonville, IN (USA)
  • I read your book This Side of Paradise it was really cool. My teacher assigned us an awesome project. It was to write a sequel to your book.
12/10/2007 Braden N/A
Indianapolis, IN (USA)
  • You recently vistited my school, Perry Meridian 6th Academy. That was so cool! I can't wait till the 2nd book of This Side of Paradise comes out!
12/06/2007 Eric eballard48
greenwood, IN (USA)
  • WOW! I have never in my life read such an amazing book that leaves you stunted with your mind filled with questions. You RESCENTLY VISITED MY SCHOOL, Green Middle School. You have so many amazing books and I have finished "This Side of Paradise" and I am now working on "Mergers" I can't wait until the sequel to "This Side of Paradise" comes out. - Your Fan Eric
12/05/2007 Rebekah bekahjo96
greenwood, ID (USA)
  • This man is incredible.I have never read more interesting books all by one person.
12/02/2007 Darby care_bear_uno
Boonville, IN (USA)
  • My languae arts teacher, had my class, read This Side of Paradise. It was so good. You were never able to tell what was coming next.My teacher had read it at least a million times. I think she loved it mostly because of all the literary elements you worked into it. We learned so many new things from the book. I think the best thing was that you helped us to learn that nobody is perfect. Thanks for doing such a great job so that we can fall in love with reading for the rest of our lives!It is people like you that can do that!
11/30/2007 Brandon Hayhurst emobrandon721
Birmingham, Al (USA)
  • I think this side of paradise is the best book written. My friends and family love it!! P.s. I don't know if you remember her but my eight grade teach is Mary Dichaira
11/25/2007 Yvonne Furniss, Literacy Specialist yfurniss
Beebe, AR (USA)
  • The conference was wonderful, and your general session presentation was > inspiring! I was ready to sign a contract to return to the > classroom. I know you and Debbie are exhausted, but we certainly > appreciate your commitment to teachers, especially here in Arkansas. > > It was good to see you again! God bless!
11/19/2007 Donna Jones jonesd12
Cookevill, Tn (USA)
  • I so enjoyed your presentations at the SWIRA in Little Rock. My Granddaughter loved your book Love the Baby.
11/15/2007 Adam Adam.w.morse
Greenwood, IN (USA)
  • I read "This Side of Paradise," and it was by far the best book i have ever read.
11/02/2007 Lissette Ruiz lissette.ruiz
Old Fort, NC (USA)
  • Steve came to Old Fort School for two days last month. He saw all k-6 students and did a presentation with different books for the different grade levels. WE also invited the preschool students. Each child (over six hundered students) had a signed book by Steve Layne. It was worthwhile to purchase a book for each student so that each one could have a signed copy. He also did a writing workshop with 5th/6th graders. Our students were very motivated while he was here and after he left. His presentations are spectacular, and he completely gives 100% to each presentation. It was amazing to see our older students get so involved in writing and in reading his books. Steve also did a presentation at PTO. It was inspiring and reached out to parents, teachers, and members of the community that are involved with a child's education. The presentation was so motivating that a parent said, "It was the most inspiring thing he had heard". It was a special event for us and an honor to have Steve Layne come to our school.
10/30/2007 Danielle danash3
Boonville, IN (USA)
  • I am probably your biggest fan. I really love your book This Side of Paradise. I would love to own a signed book of it, if not your whole collection also including Mergers.
09/28/2007 Lisanne Carlson lcarlson
Prospect Heights, IL (USA)
  • Steve gave a wonderful presentation to the first and second grade students and staff this past Tuesday. Since his visit, the students and teachers have enthusiastically shared their favorite parts of Steve's talk with me. The children especially enjoyed hearing about Steve's family, learning about his inspiration to write some of his books and listening to him recite ‘Love the Baby’. They were quite impressed with the number of publishing companies contacted by Steve in order to find a publisher for his first book! Teachers appreciated his obvious delight in talking to young students and his reinforcement of the idea that all the children are authors. Everyone loved all the different sketches of the animal families considered for 'Love the Baby'. Steve's engaging talk provided an excellent kick off to our school year.
09/26/2007 MaryBeth McWilliams mmcwilliams
Prospect Heights, IL (USA)
  • Having Steven Layne as a guest author for middle school students was very inspirational! Students and teachers came away with a sense of pride and personal achievement through everyday experiences. Steven Layne instills a sense of true-belief in one's own ability to produce meaningful communication with pen and paper. Dr.Layne has just the "write" touch to motivate the student body and staff to read his books as well as to write their own stories.
08/27/2007 Erin Snellgrove snellgrovee
Murfreesboro, TN (USA)
  • I met Steve at a conference in Murfreesboro, TN. He put on a wonderful lecture that really got me excited about reading with my kids. I have been reading "The Giver" to my lunch and silent reading class (they haven't gone to the library yet) and we just got to the part where you realize that no one sees in color. I had 5 kids come up after class wanting to know more and others who are asking for recommendations for when we finish. He was right. I teach 8th grade math and I begin class each day by reading something to them (right now, Letters From a Nut). It works, they pay attention better and they are looking forward to reading on their own.
08/22/2007 Blythe Carpenter carpeba
Panam City, FL (USA)
  • I appreciate your visit to Panama City. Inservice is something I generally dread, but your presentation was incredibly motivating. You have renewed my interest in young adult literature, and I have stormed into the school year with such enthusiasm! I have set a professional goal to read aloud to all my classes everyday. My students love "story time" as they call it, and I'm getting incredible reviews. Thank you for your inspiration.
08/21/2007 Tandy Sommer tandysommer
Conroe, TX (USA)
  • Dr. Layne, I can speak for our Conroe group when I say that we are as grateful for your presentation as you were grateful we didn't all end up in a hurricane. Thanks so much for sharing all of your experiences with us--they did not fall upon deaf ears.
08/16/2007 Kathy Easom easomka
Panama City Beach, FL (USA)
  • I was thrilled to discover the quality of your presentation for our county level inservice to equal/surpass that of national reading convention workshops I've traveled miles and miles to attend. Thank you for a captivating, delightful day ....I told the girls the only way I'd go to lunch with them was if they'd promise not to be late! I didn't want to miss a single word out of your mouth! Needless to say, they were shocked. Your enthusiastic, funny, and yet completely realistic approach to teaching teenagers is inspiring. I'm ready to charge into this new year with renewed vigor. :-) Hope to see you at FRA.
08/14/2007 Richard Johnson johnsrt
Panama City, FL (USA)
  • Your presentation at the summer workshop that I helped create was well received. You invigorated and inspired our teachers to start the school year with positive attitudes and strong strategies to motivate their students to read.
07/24/2007 Lori Kendall-Smith lksiteach
Streamwood, IL (USA)
  • Steve, As an old friend of yours, I always knew that you were talented, but after reading your novel This Side of Paradise I am amazed at just how gifted a writer you are. It is an intelligent, engaging,and suspenseful novel. I know this novel is one that ignite a fire to read in everyone who picks it up! I'm so proud to know you!
06/22/2007 Alyson Abbott Alyson.Abbott
Louisville, KY (USA)
  • After a very difficult year teaching, you have recharged my batteries. I really enjoyed your presentation. I can't wait to "ignite a passion" for reading to my 2nd graders. May you continue to be blessed as you inspire teachers!! Alyson Abbott-teacher JCPS
06/19/2007 Melissa m0rile01
Georgetown, IN (USA)
  • Steve, I have a friend whose mom is a librarian and when I graduated undergrad she gave me your book as a graduation present that you had personalized for me when she met you! This morning in Louisville I had signed up for your workshop without realizing I had a book written by you! You were engaging and hilarious during your presentation and gave me so many great ideas that I promise to take back and use! Thank you so much! Melissa Riley 4th Grade Teacher JCPS
06/01/2007 Jed tmello4
Felton, DE (USA)
  • Mr.layne your book This side of paradise was really good.I liked the suspensefulnes the book had.This is one of my favorite books.Thanks for sharing it with me and my class.
05/30/2007 issac walker tyandkasie
felton, DEL (USA)
05/30/2007 CJ Reeves blindskater1594
Harrington, DE (USA)
  • Steven your book was great. I liked the characters and how mysterious the book was. First Person view was a great decision to choose. I like how you organized teh book! If you can, please send me a email when a new book comes out thanks cya later Peace
05/30/2007 Cory Callaway racing2fast
harrington, de (USA)
  • Steven, your book rocked! Even though i hate reading i actually liked your book. Books that get me to keep reading must be really good because to me READING SUCKS!!! I hope you come out with more books as good as Paradise, because it was great later dude c/b peace
05/25/2007 ~Rick~ soccerbeast1623
Felton, De (USA)
  • Hey!!I just wanted to let you know that I LIKED Your book. You are a great author.
05/25/2007 Dalton dakidz311
Harrington, DE (USA)
  • Your book is awsome!! I hope you make second one better then the last one. Peace out!!!
05/22/2007 Tangela Giddens cbwifey4l
Felton, Delaware (USA)
  • I LOVED YOUR BOOK!!! This Side of Paradise has become one of my favorite books. In reading class we are reading the book as part of a project and I loved your book so much that I was one of the first people finished with it. Believe it or not this is the first book that I've read all year. On a scale of 1 to 5 I'd give it a 5.5.Maybe if read another one of your books I might read a book that is a 5. But we'll just see
05/21/2007 Zack Blackburn motoguy94
Harrington, DE (USA)
  • Hi Mr. Layne I was commenting on your book This Side of Paradise. I liked your book it was great. There was so much suspense in it. I couldn't believe that Mr.Eden was Chip, how horrible could that be. Once again, it was a great book.
05/21/2007 Verna (Bondoc) Murray vmurr17
Lantana, FL (USA)
  • Hi Steve! I was a student of yours in a Children's Lit. class you taught at Northern Illinois Univ. in '94 and I just wanted to tell you what an inspiration you were to me. I have used so many things I learned in your class in my own classroom. I was just recently at the IRA Conference in Toronto, but wasn't able to attend your session. I got a glimpse of your keynote speech at the Awards Banquet and just was so impressed how captivated your audience was. I remember looking forward to attending your class every Monday night and sat in the front row just mesmerized by your every word. Thank you so much for writing such amazing books and for touching the lives of so many teachers and kids! You were by far the most amazing teacher I have ever had!! Congratulations on all of your success!!
05/18/2007 Brandi GorgeousGirl2012
Harrington, De (USA)
  • Mr.Layne I just wanted to tell you how outstanding you book Paradise was our principle Mr.Cave just purchased Mrs.Mello's 7th grade class about 50 and Mrs.Mello told us it was a great book and made us read it. It was a fantastic book I couldn't put it down the second I picked it up so I want to thank you for writing such a wonderful book and Thank my principle and my awesome teacher Mrs.Mello for introducing this book for all of us.
05/15/2007 AbBy soccergirl4u_11
Harrigton, DE (USA)
  • Hi!!I just wanted to say that I loved your book paradise. It was a outstanding book.
05/14/2007 Nancy Dever ndever
Saline, MI (USA)
  • I met you at the conference in Lexington, KY. In fact, I bought a copy of This Side of Paradise from you. I came right back and shared it with each class since. This year, we ordered books for all the sixth graders. To say they have loved the book isn't enough. Thanks so much. The kids wanted me to ask if there is or is there going to be a sequel? Thanks for writing such a wonderful and exciting book. Nancy Dever
05/12/2007 s sgeva.es
Ann Arbor, MI (USA)
  • Have you thought about making a sequel to This Side Of Paradise? The epilogue raises a lot of questions a sequel could anwser. Please write a sequel!
05/12/2007 Pam & Jordan Thornley pthornley
Springfield, IL (USA)
  • Dr. Layne, Thanks so much for signing This Side of Paradise and Mergers for my sons. Jordan and I just finished the first book, and as a 6th grader, he is loving to read again. We can't wait to start the next! Thanks for reminding me that my boys are never to old to be read to. I didn't think it would work, but with a captivating story like Pardise - you've got him hooked. I can't thank you enough!
05/11/2007 Scott Boehm scott_boehm
Naperville, IL (USA)
  • I read THIS SIDE OF PARADISE as a read-aloud to my basic freshmen English class a few months back, and they were captivated - daily. This is not an easy bunch to motivate. Despite that, they enjoyed the book greatly, and the epilogue provided for some great discussion afterwards. I continue to pass my copy along to students in my other classes as well.
05/07/2007 Kevin Landgrafhotline
Kenosha, WI (United States Of America)
  • I can't believe what happens to Jack and Troy,I mean there dad is two people! you have to write sequels of this book. my teacher is reading it to my class and everyone doesn't ever want her to stop. it is an awesome book!
04/20/2007 Cheri Travis ctravis
Springfield, IL (USA)
  • YOU ROCK!!! I want to thank you SO much for the experiences of the teachers and students of our elementary school! The in-service that you provided on read-alouds was amazing. Those 5 words..."A GOOD BOOK READ WELL"...I'll be quoting for years to come (giving you full credit OF COURSE) as I strive to inspire teachers the way that you do!!! I know that the teachers that I work with are searching to find books written by you, as well as all the other books you suggested. Our students were fortunate to hear you tell them that they are authors, because "anyone who writes is an author." I heard fifth graders who show little interest in reading talk about looking for your books in the library! I only wish my own daughter (a kindergarten student) could have heard your message! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! This was the third time that I heard you speak. IT WON'T BE THE LAST if I can help it!!!
04/20/2007 Leslie Termine (Hatten) ltermine
springfield, il (USA)
  • Inservice, inservice, inservice!!! When educators hear those words we immediately think, UGHHHHH!!! I was fortunate enough to hear Dr. Layne deliver a presentation on read alouds and I was so inspired. He moved the entire audience with his wit and knowledge! Thank you so much, Dr. Layne, for lending us such a powerful presentation!
04/19/2007 Temary Rodriguez temrod10
Springfield, IL (USA)
  • I just came from a in service that you did in Springfield and I just wanted to say thank you! It was the most wonderful presentation that I have ever seen! Sometimes it's easy to forget the pure love for reading that I have and I want to definitely give that to my students! Thank you so much and I am sure to attend again!!
03/30/2007 Patti Molloy plm1227
St. Charles, IL (USA)
  • I bought your books after I read an article about you in my local paper some time ago. My "reluctant reader" AKA my 13 year old son, Luke finally picked up This Side of Paradise. He devoured it and has just started Mergers. I cannot thank you enough for authoring books such as this!
03/28/2007 Emma Smith emmajaynesmith
Saranac, MI (USA)
  • My teacher Deb Woodard (you went to a conference with her in December) just got done reading us one of you books. "This Side of Paradise" Oh my gosh! There is no possible way anyone is her class can explain how much we LOVED it and how interesting, and well written it is! There is not one person in the 7th grade who didn't like that book! Some people loved it so much, they bought it! A question that has been frequently asked is... when is the sequel coming out!? How did you come up with the idea of the book. There are soooo many questions that we want to ask you! When Mrs. Woodard usually reads to us we don't really care... but this time, words can't explain how much everyone enjoyed the adventure of Jack and Troy! Thank you soooo much for writing this book!
03/20/2007 Alexandra schmedwicke
Portsmouth, NH (USA)
  • I really loved your book! It was so scary at the end, it kept me up all night trying to get to the end! Kept up the good work!
03/20/2007 Judy Robinson jfayerobinson
Taylorville, IL (USA)
  • Thank you so much for the most inspiring, stick-with-me moments at the Illinois Reading Council luncheon Friday in Springfield where you spoke. From all the Balcony People to Love the Baby and much more, I was and still am filled with such emotion to share. You give so much! Thank you. Judy Robinson Title I Rdg. Speciallist Taylorville, IL
03/19/2007 Carol Krotz ckrotz
Rushville, NE (USA)
  • Red Cloud Indian School near Pine Ridge, South Dakota, just hosted Steve for an author visit on March 7th and 8th. He presented to K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. He specifically designed each session for the age group present. They were all spellbound by his storytelling ability. You can definitely recognize his ability to adapt to different age groups was developed through his teaching experiences. His presentation really tied in with our NCA writing goal because he helped students see themselves as author's and he emphasized elements of the writer's craft as he told his stories. We were thrilled with his visit for students and parents. We would recommend him to any school. He can relate to all children including minority audiences.
03/05/2007 Julie Agard agardj
Kearney, NE (USA)
  • We were so happy to have Steven Layne with us to kick off our annual Nebraska Reading Conference with two special workshops on Thursday, Feb. 22. The presentations were outstanding and the reviews were excellent. I was particularly thrilled with the enthusiastic response that we got from our middle and high school level teacher participants. They will surely be looking forward to another opportunity to hear him at our 2008 conference. Thank you so much for your inspirational message, Steve!
03/01/2007 Dawna Nelson dmnelson
Albion, Ne (USA)
  • Steve, One week after your visit to our tiny Midwest School, students and staff are still buzzing about it! There are waiting lists to read your books, and kids are declaring boldly that, "they are authors!". I'm thrilled to see them want to find out the story behind the books that read now. We cannot thank you enough for awakening the minds of so many in regards to reading and writing!
02/22/2007 Onanong Smith onanong_smith
Albion, NE (USA)
  • Dude you are totally awesome! Thanks for coming to visit our school! We really appreciated it. You have to come back again. I really like your books. Have you ever heard of Scott Westerfeld? Well, he writes books in the same genre as you. They're really cool..but yours are cooler! Well, I just want to thank you again! Keep writing great books!Oh..I got in trouble for reading your book, Mergers, because I didn't want to put it down to do my chores!(I read it in five hours)
02/21/2007 Sallye Schooler sallye.schooler
Richardson, TX (USA)
  • My students have never liked to read. If they had, they would most likely not be in a high school reading class. Before reading This Side of Paradise, in my Reading II class, I explained Steven Layne's motivations behind writing this novel. I challenged my students with this question: "Do you think that anyone could write a book that will keep you interested until the very end and make you like reading for once?" I was answered with scoffs and groans. I told them, "This author thinks he can do it. I don't think he can. This better be good." My students agreed, but we started reading anyway. Jaws had nothing on us after we sank our teeth into this book. For the first time in my career, I had to prevent kids from reading too far ahead. The kids were entranced by the graphic imagery, the palatable energy of the characters, and the injustices that mirrored their own experiences. I had to threaten some students that read ahead not to give away the ending. Everyone was jumping to make predictions about the book and to justify their opinions. We all hung in the balance at the end of every class wondering, "What will happen next?" For most of my students this was the first novel that they had ever read cover to cover. After reading the last page, I looked up to see mouths agape, eyes wide with surprise, and to hear comments like "That's crazy Miss! That ended all messed up! I can't believe we got to read a book like that! What are we going to read next? Miss, I'm glad that I'm in this class, 'cause I like to read now." However, the ultimate reward was when my students begged to go to the library to check out Mergers, then finished it in three days. Steven Layne, Richardson High School is ready for the sequel. Sincerely, Sallye Schooler
02/19/2007 Debby Dobs DDobs
Burlington, WI (USA)
  • I just finished reading MERGERS and loved it!! Like THIS SIDE OF PARADISE, it is a book that middle school kids can really get into. It has interesting characterizations and wonderful themes for discussion. Keep writing for our middle schoolers!!
02/09/2007 Christelle ckpink08
Richardson, TX (USA)
  • I got to hear Steve give an author presentation and train with him in a writing workshop at our high school. He was amazing and so much fun! He helped me think about writing in different styles and encouraged us to try new things and explore our surroundings for ideas. The books he writes are captivating. I look forward to reading his next book!
01/28/2007 Amy Huftalin huftalina
Winnebago, IL (USA)
  • I also saw Dr. Layne at the RR conference in Chicago this month. His keynote had us laughing and crying and received a standing ovation. I bought both Paradise and Mergers for my high school sons. My oldest quickly finished Mergers and is now on Paradise. As a busy 16-year-old who rarely finds time to read---I was impressed! I can't wait to see Steve in Springfield!
01/24/2007 Jeff Stultz jstultz
Oregon, Il (USA)
  • Wow! Recently (Jan. 2007) I had a chance to listen to Dr. Steven Layne at the Early Literacy and Illinois Reading Recovery Conference. His passion, that all children would enjoy reading and writing, quickly became evident to all in attendance. He was able to verbalize and remind us all why it is we chose teaching as a profession. But Dr. Layne did much more than that. He pointed out how important it is that our own children and students see the enthusiasm we have for reading and writing. This of course is an area that is often pushed aside as teachers. I know that I won't be ignoring this any more in my class. In fact I have already started sharing more with my students. we are now writing and reading together. What a difference in attitudes! If you want to become a better teacher in reading or writing, I would highly recommend taking every chance you have to listen to Dr. Layne. He will motivate you beyond what words can say, and you will walk away with some concrete ideas as to how you approach reading and writing. Thank you Dr. Layne for making me a better teacher! Jeff Stultz Reading Recovery Teacher/3rd Grade Teacher
01/16/2007 Laurel Marion marionle
Wheelersburg, OH (USA)
  • Steve was a guest author at our middle school in November. The visit was much anticipated by our students and staff and no one was disappointed. Steve has an excellent rapport with students of all ages. His presentation was engrossing and was talked about for days. Steve's books have become the most requested books in my middle school library and are finding their way to the high school library as well. Steve also provided our district with a teacher inservice. Steve took the time to design a program that would reach all disciplines. He was able to send the teachers home with a "toolbox" of ideas they could use the next day. I still have teachers stopping me to tell me how wonderful Steve was. His warmth and love of reading are inspirational.
01/15/2007 Wendy Stelly wendystelly
Pearland, TX (USA)
  • Several of us from Alvin ISD attended a one day training with you and purchased MERGERS. We all read the book over winter break and absolutely LOVED it!! Myself and the other 6th grade teacher plan to use it as a read aloud novel w/our classes. One of my students couldn't wait and she borrowed my copy and finished the book in 4 days!!! She also loved the book. We were all hoping for a sequel! I definitely recommend this book for adults as well as for students.
01/10/2007 Esther Hitchcock ehitchco
Michigan Center, Mi. (USA)
  • I had the priveldge to attend the 2006 winter middle school teachers conference in East Lansing,Mi. Dr. Layne was knowledgeable, entertaining, and motivating. I purchased several of his books, and those he recommeded. My 12 year old reluctant son, has read 4 of them in 5 weeks. I am now reading them in my middle school language arts room. He is a great author. I am thrilled I learned how to motivate some reluctant readers. thanks, Esther in Mich.
01/03/2007 Sharon Mills sharon.mills
Houston, TX (USA)
  • Steve was our visiting author for our Book Fair. The students enjoyed him as did the teachers. He inspired our students to think of themselves as authors. He even got our 4th & 5th grade students excited about reading This Side of Paradise & Mergers. I could have sold many more. What a delight!
01/03/2007 Monica Spittler mospittl
Keaau, HI (USA)
  • This past November (2006), the IRA had their Western Regional Confernce in Kona on Hawaii Island. Steven's featured speaker session was an absolute hit. The teachers of Hawaii LOVE Steven. He is funny, motivating, and encouraging. I can recommend his "Balcony People" speech to anyone. Steven is an outstanding author for children and young adults. His books sold out at the conference, but I was lucky enough to get my hands on "Mergers," which now has a wait list my school. My 7th graders love it. Steven---mahalo nui loa for all that you do for students and teachers...you give us the inspiration.
01/02/2007 Brenda Overturf brenda.overturf
Louisville, KY (USA)
  • Steve Layne is a gift to teachers! I was the chair of the Kentucky Reading Association conference in September of 2006, and having Steve as a keynote was was one of the best program decisions I made as chair. He not only agreed to do a keynote, but also to do several breakout sessions for us. These sessions turned out to be standing room only (at one point I thought we would have to call in crowd control!)and he consistently received only the most glowing praise on conference evaluations. Teachers love him because he is not only a scholar and a writer, but he is a teacher. He's been there, folks. He knows kids and teachers, and he is a dynamic speaker. I am publicly thanking Steve here on his website for helping to make the 2006 Kentucky Reading Association conference a huge success! Thanks, Steve, and looking forward to working with you again in the future.
01/02/2007 Lisa Lowe llowe
Rising Sun, MD (USA)
  • What a pleasure it was having Steven Layne be a part of the Cecil Council's (MD) Fall Banquet. He was our keynote speaker and words do not describe the power of his presence. He was a delight to work with in the planning stages and amazing the day of the event. We want him back again. Steve made everyone feel significant at the book signings. His words to our teachers touched their hearts and renewed their spirit for teaching. His keynote motivated teachers with ideas to bring literature back to the classroom. His keynote was filled with humor, tears, joy, and the reality of what education is truly about ... the kids. I highly recommend him for any school, community, or parent function and would be happy to provide a personal recommendation!
01/01/2007 D. Lewis dclewis
North Aurora, IL (USA)
  • You, sir, are the cause of enmity and strife in my household. My two daughters are both trying to read "Mergers", and neither one wants to let the other one have the copy of the book. They're both reading instead of doing homework. When they're in the car, they hope for red lights, so they can read under the street lamps. They're reading in bed when they're supposed to be sleeping. They remind me of the dog at dinner time -- devouring every morsel, and then looking for more. Consider the grief you've caused around here as the highest compliment for your story-telling abilities.


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