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12/10/2008 Philip D. Chapman pchapman
Oswego, IL (USA)
  • We are getting excited to develop our very own reading lounge! Thanks for the idea. Philip D. Chapman Principal Southbury Elementary School
12/10/2008 Claire hummingbirdkat
Springfield, IL (USA)
  • Hello my name is Claire. I dream someday of being a published author like you! I am writing a funny story, but I do not know how to make it longer than what it is now. How do you make your books so long? I think they are absolutely awesome! Thank you for writing books that inspire authors! Claire
11/18/2008 Ashley Elizabeth ashleyepowell
garland, tx (USA)
  • Hey Mr. Layne, You came to my school a couple of years ago and ever since that day and reading your books you have became one of my favorite authors. I remember you talking about you writing another book that would follow "This side of paradise" and i was wondering if that was on shelves yet or not? Thanks so much.
11/10/2008 caitlin cmrichard
harrington, de (USA)
  • i love your books especially this side of paradise it is very thrilling and i never want to put it down
11/05/2008 Nan Chamberlain sherry.chamberlain
Oakdale, La (USA)
  • I just want to say I love the book This Side of Paradise. Students in our school are not fond of reading, but they love tis book. They hate when we have to stop to change class. I have used the book to create vocabulary puzzles and tests. We identify story elements and take notes to study for tests I have made. We talk about flashback and foreshadowing. They even make a character sketch. My students want to know where they can buy the book and when is there going to be a movie.
11/04/2008 Shannon Furr mrsfurr85
Crawfordsville, IN (USA)
  • I miss you! I teach junior high English now too, and I have admired your work and your career from afar for many years. Looking back upon my own high school years, you are there every step of the way. We should get together next time you are "home." Love ya! ~Shannon
10/25/2008 Hannah Block shortstuff.block
Oakdale, LA (USA)
  • I Loved the book "This Side of Paradise". It was awesome!
10/11/2008 Joy/Grady Bradley joyabradley
goldendale, wa (USA)
  • I am honored to have met you in New Orleans (Sept. road trip couple), keep on walking your walk and touching lives with your gift.
09/21/2008 Dawn Alef dalef1973
Rockwood, Mi (USA)
  • Hi Dr. Layne. I was fortunate enough to have you speak for our school district last year in Taylor, Michigan. I was so inspired by your passion for reading. I am currently reading you novel "This Side of Paradise." It is outstanding. I work full-time and have two small children, but I cannot put it down! You are an amazing author. Thank you for writing this book! My 5th graders can't wait to read it when I am done!! THANK YOU!!!
09/11/2008 Retta Richardson retjeanr
Crawfordsville, IN (USA)
  • Hi Steven, Remember me? Retta Richardson, your second grade teacher. I have retired from teaching but volunteer in the library at St. Bernard's Catholic School. I read the students stories (which I love to do) and help them check out books. I recently read My Brother Dan is Delicious to them. They loved it and so did I. I can tell from reading your guestbook entries that you are real motivation to students and teachers alike. It makes me proud to feel like I might have been a small part of your past that helped make you the exceptional person you are.
08/11/2008 Beth Roush bethr
Elida, OH (USA)
  • I saw you in Columbus, OH in April 2008 and I thought you were magnificent! Listening to you inspired me to become a better teacher and to be hopefully a "balcony" person to a student someday. I'm going to try really hard to get my school district to have you come and talk and share your strategies with the rest of the staff. You're a great inspiration!
07/29/2008 Barbara mercymurphy
Jackson, TN (USA)
  • Thank you so much for the time that you spent with the Reading First teachers in Memphis. I know you inspired many! Your reading of the book, Love the Baby, just made me smile. Thank you for sharing your story.
07/23/2008 Sharon sfishernw
Atoka, TN (USA)
  • I saw you in Memphis this summer at the Reading First Conference, you are phenomenal!!! I hope to catch you again sometime in the future. I wish my college professors had been like you, I'm sure my teacher education would have been the best!
07/22/2008 Lynette netenete
Memphis, TN (USA)
  • Thank you for inspiring us at the West TN Reading First Academy. WOW!!! An inspiring day! Over Land and Sea hits home because I adopted my son from Ukraine in 2002. I adopted as a single parent. Thanks for your wonderful message today.
07/04/2008 Christine Emrick christine1995
Columbus, OH (USA)
  • I read This Side of Paradise and it was so great! Its very suspenseful and mysterious. The best character is Gram and then Jack. I am getting my friends to read it also.
06/16/2008 Greg Emmons gemmons
Ewing, KY (USA)
  • Dr. Layne, Thank you so much for attending the Fleming Co. Reading Festival in Flemingsburg KY. Your presentations were exactly what our teachers, students, and parents needed to hear. When they left there was an urgency to find their favorite book and enjoy reading. Thanks again for such powerful presentations.
06/14/2008 Jamie M. jmoney
Ewing, KY (USA)
  • I attended the Fleming County Reading Festival June 12-13, 2008 and YOU were there!! I feel the intense need to go back to work and summer has just begun. Your presentation has given me so many ideas that I want to "just to it." Your books and website will be a great help to me in the coming school year. Thanks for sharing your creativity.
05/26/2008 Breanna kidsforjesus_albanyny
Jacksonville, FL (USA)
  • Hello and thank you for writing great books! It is so neat how you can write stories like that. I am in 6th grade and am really interested in the publishing of books. How do you get them published? What are the main steps? If you could tell me, that would be great. I hope that you keep writing books and I look forward to reading any new ones that come out!
05/25/2008 Kimberly kimberlyhummingbird
Providence, RI (USA)
  • Hi! My name is Kimberly and I have been reading your books for quite a while. I think that they are so excellent! I think that you inspired a lot of writers to not give up. Thank you a lot! (sorry, but I couldn't give my real phone number because my mom said so...I wouldn't try to call it!)
05/22/2008 Mari katie210
Albany, NY (USA)
  • Hello Seven Layne! Ever since you came to my school and talked to my class about being an author, it made my life goal, publishing a book, seem possible. Thanks so much! And if you have any advice, please e-mail me. Thank You!
05/13/2008 Patti Hultquist pahultq
Reisterstown, MD (USA)
  • Dear Steve, This past Monday I had the difficult task of telling my staff of 3 years that I would no longer be their reading specialist due to moving to the eastern shore of MD. It was a very difficult and emotional experience. As I was preparing what to say, your beautiful poem, Teachers, came to mind. I read it to them, with the intent to let each and every one of them know how truly special they are to me and how they each will always have a seat in my balcony. Thank you for helping to make a difficult time, one that was filled with honoring and making the people I love know how special they are. God's blessings be with you...Patti~
04/30/2008 Dee Stewart vidae_99
Atlanta, GA (USA)
  • Hi, Steve. Don't know you, but fell in love with P is for Princess this morning at my daughter's school book fair. Came to your site to feature it on my blog and found out you are fantasterific!! Now I'm buying all books. Thanks so much.
04/29/2008 Emily www.yellowslug
cant tell, NH (USA)
  • Your book, "This side of Paradise" was read to my 6th grade class! My teacher loved it and so did we! We were wondering if you wer planning on, or already did, write/wrote a sequal to " This side of Paradise" Plese e-mail me asap!! thanks!
04/29/2008 Shawnee snookums854
chandler, IN (USA)
  • This side od paradise was a good book but I love the mergers=]]
04/24/2008 Holly Scoggin hmcdforever
Mapleton, Illinois (USA)
  • I don't want to sound like everyone else, but I love "This Side of Paradise" and I was wondering if there was going to be a sequel. Please e-mail me if there's going to be one. And if not I have a question about the ending that has my friend and I in an on-going debate. So please contact me if you get a chance. I would greatly appreciate it.
04/14/2008 Sarah srsharp75
New Ipswich, NH (USA)
  • I was wondering, are you going to make a sequel to This Side of Paradise?
04/12/2008 jessica kitykatjnj
cant tell, nh (USA)
  • I really like your books-a teacher of my read to us this side of paradise and I think it is the best book I have ever heard! We were talking and she told me to go on this website and ask you a question. Do you have a sequel this side of paradise? If you did can you please we-mail me the name, I think that would be the best birthday gift to my teacher! -please respond, Desperate for a sequel. (jessica)
04/11/2008 darian stewart darianstewart
cherokee village, arkansas (USA)
  • omg, I loved your book " This side of Paradise" It was like the best book ever and your like my favorite author. I told my libary to get Mergers because that sounds so good. I really hope you make a sequal to This side of Paradise because that book just made me want to turn the page every second I read. It was very suspenseful and I loved it!!!
04/05/2008 Jennifer Nadolny jlnadolny
Ashtabula, OH (USA)
  • Your speaking at the OAASFEP in Columbus was amazing! Your words about balcony people were inspiring!!!
04/02/2008 Emily ekmiller126
Fishers, IN (USA)
  • My school was blessed to have Steven speak to our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. They enjoyed his visit and still talk about what a "cool" experience it was for them. Their two favorite parts were hearing the first chapter of the sequel to "This Side of Paradise" and learning how he got his ideas for his stories. My students have been inspired by the presentation. Steven also gave a presentation to our faculty and he shared wonderfully practical and motivating ideas with us regarding getting children hooked on reading. We didn't want the meeting to end (which isn't always the case!). Thanks so much, Steven, for sharing your time and expertise with us!
03/29/2008 Alison Conways4Jesus
Richton, MS (USA)
  • Hey Steve! You came and visited The University of Mississippi last summer. Your speaking was great. I am using your books al the time. Thanks
03/01/2008 Tanna Clark tanna
Hot Springs, AR (USA)
  • Thank you, Steven! Your general session “Balcony People” was a huge hit at the 32nd Southwest Regional IRA Conference in Little Rock in November 2007. It was both inspirational and motivational and our participants loved it! Also, your breakout sessions were ranked among the most popular during the conference. The Arkansas Reading Association appreciates you and all you do to promote literacy. Thank you again for helping to make the SW Regional IRA Conference a success. Tanna Clark Conference Chair
02/25/2008 Diane Chen dianerchen
Nashville, tn (USA)
  • Steven, you were the highlight of our Saturday conference for school librarians at TASL. Thank you for inspiring and enriching the lives of so many. You continue to motivate and maintain reading leaders. Librarians told me that you were worth getting up for on a Saturday morning and they were so glad they heard you speak. You have re-energized the middle and high school librarians to use chapter books like Mergers and This Side of Paradise with their students. All the librarians appreciated your messages of hope and inspiration linking reading with real-life. Thank you.
02/19/2008 Sharon Goins sgoins
Greenwood, IN (USA)
  • We want to thank Steve for a great "first" author visit for our high school. Students (particularly reluctant readers and some international students) really enjoyed This Side of Paradise, and several have either bought or checked out Mergers. Others are waiting for the sequel to Paradise. We appreciate his willingness to meet with two classes (300 each) and with our little book club. The latter group especially enjoyed more individual interaction with him. The administration was convinced by the enthusiasm that was generated to make author visits at least a semi-annual event.
02/16/2008 Maggie Gottlieb egottli2
Champaign, IL (USA)
  • Hi, Dr. Layne! It's Maggie Gottlieb. I came upon this site randomly, but I just wanted to say that I also enjoyed your book back in the day when you were still working on it. I loved your class in middle school, which seems like a million years ago. Now I'm getting ready to apply to graduate school for Art History (so old)! Hope you and your family are doing well and hope to see you soon! Maggie Gottlieb
02/14/2008 Lu Dayment ldayment
Greenwood, Indiana (USA)
  • Thank you so much for the best author visit we've ever had! The kids absolutely LOVED "This Side of Paradise" and so did the staff. Your presentation was an inspiration and the kids are still talking about it. I can't keep "Mergers" on the shelf and we get daily questions about sequels. Thanks again for giving us every penny worth. We hope to have you back again in the future.
02/14/2008 Desiree Streib dstreib
Colorado Springs, CO (USA)
  • Dr. Layne came to our school and spoke to 370 seventh graders for 90 min.! From beginning to end he had their full attention. For days after his presentation, the students were commenting on everything from the stories he told, to how they thought it would be boring hearing an author speak but it wasn't. This was his second visit to our school and we can't wait to have him back again!
02/14/2008 Richard Johnson johnsrt
Panama City, FL (USA)
  • During the summer of 2007, Steve Layne inspired Bay District Schools' secondary teachers in social studies and science to adapt strategies to get their students excited about reading the content in their subjects. These teachers returned to their classrooms this year enthuastic about these strategies and have successfully implemented many of Dr. Layne's suggestions.
02/13/2008 Linda Lilienthal, Ed.D. Linda.Lilienthal
Wichita Falls, TX (USA)
  • At the 47th Annual Midwestern State University TAIR (Texas Association for the Improvement of Reading) Conference held on our campus, Steve was the keynote speaker and also presented two sessions. He was a wonderful speaker, entertaining as well as educational! We had very favorable comments from teachers and from MSU students who attended the Conference. Many of his books also sold out before the end of the Conference. I highly recommend Dr. Layne. Wait until you hear him read one of his books!
02/11/2008 Gail Anderson ganderson
Prospect Heights, IL (USA)
  • We brought in Steve to our school to speak to kindergartners through fifth graders. His dynamic presentations kept all audiences spellbound. He relates well to children of all ages and encourages them to read and write. I can't wait to have him back.
02/11/2008 Rebecca Olsen rolsen
Lisle, IL (USA)
  • Steven Layne was a keynote speaker at the 2007 Early Literacy and Illinois Reading Recovery Conference held in Chicago. Conference attendees loved his address! Some of the responses we received: “Steven Layne’s presentation was inspirational and gave me new energy.” “ Wonderful, motivational and uplifting.” “Humorous with great examples and book ideas.” “Dr. Layne is very passionate about reading.” “Awesome presentation!!”
02/11/2008 Robyn Prince rprince
Laurens, SC (USA)
  • Steven Layne was the keynote speaker at the South Carolina State Council of IRA conference in February 2007. He also did two breakout sessions. He was fabulous! He set the tone for the Opening General Session and captivated the audience holding an autographing session after the session. His books SOLD OUT in the exhibit hall! Steven was fabulous and I look forward to having him back in South Carolina again real soon. Robyn Prince SCIRA President, 2007-2008 SCIRA Conference Chair, 2007
02/11/2008 Paulette Goodman pgoodman
Lisle, IL (USA)
  • Steven Layne has been a favorite of Kennedy Junior High School since his book "This Side of Paradise" first came out. NOt only has he been a guest author several times but teachers read his book aloud each year - it's that good! His outgoing, humorous approach to talking with pre-teens and teens is so engaging that Steven will always be welcome at Kennedy! WE are all looking forward to the sequel to the above book!
02/11/2008 Kristin Parisi parisik
Westfield, IN (USA)
  • Dr. Layne came to my school to speak with a small group of students (around 80). I had been reading Paradise and Mergers to this group of 6th grade students when I received an e-mail stating that he would be in our area and was looking for a school to hook up with. As I read the e-mail to my students, they were so excited. I quickly figured out how to write a grant which would give us the funds necessary to work with Dr. Layne. His visit was better than I could have expected. For most of the morning, Dr. Layne held my students (all 80 of them!) in the palm of his hands. Through his lecture and activities, my students realized that they were all authors and that even published authors have to write, revise, edit, and sometimes start all over again. Inviting Dr. Layne to my school was one of the best decisions that I have ever made as a teacher.
02/11/2008 Marjie Podzielinski marjiepodge
The Woodlands, TX (USA)
  • Steve did a keynote address for all the teachers in the feeder schools at the Woodlands High School. Many of the comments were "this was the best inservice we have ever had." His message spoke to elementary and secondary teachers alike. I would highly recommend Steve to do a key note speech for your school or district. Steve is also very active in IRA and would welcome the opportunity to speak to those groups as well. You won't be disappointed!
02/11/2008 Leslie Preddy lpreddy
Indianapolis, IN (USA)
  • Thank you for such a wonderful visit. It was wonderful to find an author who was such a great storyteller! You did the unimaginable when you kept the focused attention of middle school students for a full hour - and you did that not just once, but three times in one day! Thank you for motivating my students into readers and writers.
02/08/2008 Heidi dramatictrixie101
Colorado Springs, Co (USA)
  • I was really inspired when you came to our school, Skyview. I love your books and can't wait for the sequal of "This Side of Paridise".
01/25/2008 Conner cj.rockstar
Indianapolis, IN (USA)
  • Hey Steven! I was so inspired when you came to my school. I just finished Mergers and it was as amazing as you said it was. I've never read anything like your writing, and I think if you start writing more young adult books, you will become not only a great inspiration, but a very, very well known author. Thanks so much for coming to my school, and keep well.
01/24/2008 Eric Weber Peterj
Wisconsin Rapids, WI (USA)
  • I really like your books One of my favorites is The Teacher's night Before Christmas. I am looking forward to your visit to Grove. We have been exploring your website in reading class. We can't wait to meet you. Eric and Kayla, Miss Kronholm's reading class
01/21/2008 Crystal Y. crystal_y_12
  • Hi! My name is Crystal and I go to grove School. I really love your books. especcily Thomas's sheep and the spectacular science project.
01/17/2008 Teresa tyates
Newark, Ar (USA)
  • I want to say thank you for the "balcony people", I never realized in my life who my balcony people were until that great day in Little Rock, Arkansas in 2007. I absolutely have a outlook on who to thank. I pray that one day I am someone's balcony member! I am a first year teacher of third graders, they are my blessings!
01/06/2008 Leanna Miller Quaker4Life16
Indianapolis, IN (USA)
  • You are my favorite author! You have been since you came to my school, Perry Meridian 6th Grade Academy. I love "This Side of Paradise" and I'm asking for "Mergers" for my birthday. I can't wait until the sequal to "This Side of Paradise" comes out. The reason I love your books is because I think they're for deep thinkers. Reading your books has made me a deep thinker. They really have helped me a lot. Thank You for writing books!


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