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05/01/2009 Heather Famularo hfamularo
Manchester, TN (USA)
  • Dr. Layne, I hope this reaches you. You have inspired me. You have ignited a flame within me to do even more with my career and personal life. For this, I thank you. I saw you speak today, April 29th, at the TN Reading Summit in Murfreesboro. Your presentation gave me chills and brought me to tears. I purchased several books, but want to mention, "Love the Baby." I had you sign it for my son and my daughter. I read it to my son tonight. As I was reading, I looked down at him and saw how fascinated he was with the story. When I was done, he looked up at me and said, "Mommy read it again." So I did. Again, he asked me to read it again and I would have, but it was already way past bedtime. He was determined to read the book again, so he brought it to bed with him! He begged me to keep the light on so he could read it "One more time Mommy." Dr. Layne, my son is not even three years old yet. I thank you for being a part of his love of reading. P.S. Tell your students at Judson that I am jealous YOU are their professor! They are one lucky bunch! =) Heather Famularo
03/31/2009 erica erica
Abbotsford, bc (canada)
  • Hello Steven, After listening to you at the Surrey Teacher's Pro-D, these words have stuck in my head and surfaced every day since: Nt everything will work, but something will. I try to make sure my teaching is filled with a lot of different somethings." Or something like that. I think I will carry that with me my whole teaching career. Thanks. I came to your site to see if the actual quote was here. Thank-you!
03/14/2009 Elaine Strugala estrugala
Livonia, MI. (USA)
  • Do you have a recommended reading list for the genres? You recently visited the Taylor School District which advocates Guided Reading. I am wondering what you think of this program. Based on your presentation it appears that your reading teaching style is your program. Is that correct. Thanks for a wonderful presentation. I'm excited to choose books from the different genres for the fifth grade. I realized that I'm missing quite a few of the genres. Thanks for that thought!! elaine
01/14/2009 Muna lalala
Richardson, tx (USA)
  • WOW! I love Mergers! I am so happy someone requested it for me! I think your books are really amazing:) Because of u. Know I LOVE BOOKS!!! thank u so much!!! Continue the great work that you do:) Sincerely Muna.
01/14/2009 Thomas Haas Btallstar
Fort Worth, TX (USA)
  • Hi, I just finished this side of paradise. I think it was a great thriller. My favorite part was when I found Gram was still alive. And I also love the twist near the end finding out that Mr. Eden was the Same person as the dad. Great book! Will you make a sequal to it though, because the epilouge said that Mr. Eden was building another Paradise in Europe.


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