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12/27/2010 Bradley S. Born bradley.born
Dhahran , KSA (Saudi Arabia)
  • Hello Dr.. Layne, I should have done this a long time ago but I have been as you say “busy changing lives”! I just wanted to thank you for coming to Saudi Arabia to the TARA Conference. Since your visit my classroom has been transformed to a place built on the skill and will philosophy that you shared and I have made getting students connected to books and their love for life-long reading and writing my primary passion. Here at Dhahran Middle School I have helped to plan and sponsor two Reading Emphasis Weeks, gotten a “Hot Read” shelf and sign in every teacher’s classroom and have made plans to have a Writing Emphasis Week and another Reading Emphasis Week this spring. Our library circulation is on fire and kids are talking about books and authors like never before. As a result of your influence I have been asked to present at the TARA Conference this February and am really excited to share what I have learned. I am trying to figure out how to work in the “Golden Shelf” so that is next on the list after we introduce the 60 Book Club that will allow students to get a tie-dyed shirt if they read 60 Books. Anyway, I could go on for a while here but I really just wanted to say thank you. I consider you a “virtual” mentor in my personal growth and transformation as a teacher. Hopefully, you will be back soon to share again in the Middle East. Thanks again for coming our way and know that you have had a huge impact on our school. Thanks again, Brad
12/24/2010 Leslie L. Nye, MS, MGA leslie.nye
Meadow Vista, CA (USA)
  • Dr. Layne, you were the keynote speaker at DeVry University's PRIDE conference where I was an a award recipient. You were very inspiring to me and I believe your message resonated deeply with my fellow DeVry University associates. You may not have noticed as you walked off the stage but you got a standing ovation from our group. Your message was heartfelt and beautiful. It touched me deeply. Thank you and continue your great work. Sincerely, Leslie
12/02/2010 Starbuck Johnson starfishblubblub
st. charles, IL (USA)
  • I am soon to be a writer and am only 12 i hope to meet you soon
12/01/2010 Christopher chrispulluiam
Indianapolis, IN (USA)
  • I'm so ready for your new book Paradise Lost. Can't wait to read it
11/26/2010 Carol McLaughlin camclaughlin
Birmingham, AL (USA)
  • "A person who won't read has no advantage over one who can't read." Mark Twain After hearing you at our PD day, I thought you might like this quote.
11/24/2010 Deanna Straub dstraub
Hoover, AL (USA)
  • Dr. Layne, It was so nice to meet you in Hoover on Monday! Thank you for taking time to talk with me and autograph my books. Our teachers were so motivated after hearing you speak that we came back and started making plans to put your dream school into action. I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me as a teacher! I hope to see you again soon! Deanna Straub
11/14/2010 Helen Rushton helen.rushton1
macksville, nsw (Australia)
  • Have just finished reading "igniting a passion for reading. It was such a relief to discovery that I was not the only adult loving kids books. Fabulous - as a teacher Librarian in a small socio disadvantage school you have ignited my passion to keep reading and encouraging my staff and kids to keep children reading. Thank you -
10/09/2010 Linda Buono Jerseygirl4Jesus
Spring Hill, Fl. (USA)
  • Greetings Dr. Layne, I wish to thank you for inspiring me at the FACCS convention in Orlando this past week. I've returned to teaching after many years of mostly being a stay at home mom. Those were some of the happiest years of my life!! I'm back in the race and this convention gave me some great motivation. You have sparked my passion for teaching/learning and I can't wait to use some of your techniques/ideas; wasting no time searing yard sales for used BBQ grills and "soon to be golden" book cases. I could have listened to you all day! God bless you my friend and brother in Christ. The world needs more of you! So glad I had a chance to get your autographs for my two daughters. Wish you could have seen the looks on their faces when they read their names after "To:" and yours after "From:" Not to mention, you earned major brownie points for spelling their "often misspelled" names correctly!! May God continue to bless you and your precious family abuntately! In Christ's grip, Linda
09/13/2010 Lori Kendall-Smith lori.kendallsmith
Algonquin, IL (USA)
  • Today my mother told me about this book she just ordered for my nephews who live in New York. It's all about Chicago. She brought it over to my house and to my surprise it was written by my friend Steve and his wife Debbie. I will be so proud to tell the boys that I actually know the author of the book their grandma bought!! Keep the books coming!!
09/02/2010 Elaine Blackmon emblackmon
Philadelphia, PA (USA)
  • Dr. Layne, I loved your book! The last time I had such a connection with a professional development type book was Nancy Atwell's In the Middle. I am trying out some of your suggestions this school year, I just bought my metallic gold paint for my book shelf. I do have to correct one mistake in your book, John Hancock School has the best librarian in the world. I shared your book with her and we are looking forward to an exciting collaboration! Will keep you posted, Thanks again for sharing your strategies!
08/27/2010 Stephanie Penniman s.penniman
North Hills, CA (USA)
  • Igniting a Passion for Reading is fabulous and reconnects me with the heart of teacher training that I had over 20 years ago. THANK YOU! This proves there is a way to bring passion back into the classroom--even with mandatory structured reading programs.
08/25/2010 Stephanie MalletAngel2003
Salisbury, NC (USA)
  • I was at your presentation in Rowan County and loved it. I especially loved your story telling and as I love having books on CD for my Kindergartners I will have to get a copy of Love the Baby. I'll have to tape my picture of us inside. :) Thanks for the great ideas on how to get kids motivated to enjoy reading. Looking to have a hot reads book-stand for my assistant and myself this year. Thanks!
08/25/2010 Tricia Copeland awamom
Springfield, IL (USA)
  • Can you give me an idea about when the sequel to This Side of Paradise will be coming out? My 7th graders are waiting with bated breath!! Thanks!
08/24/2010 Audrey McGlashan amcglashan
Tinley Park, IL (USA)
  • I just wanted to say what a great speech you gave on Monday, 8/23 to my school district. It was so inspiring. You are now one of my balcony people!
08/14/2010 Jo Mitchell j.mitchell
Brisbane, QLD (Australia)
  • Hi Steve This is Jo from "brekky"(breakfast) in Perth, Australia. It was wonderful to meet you. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Australia. We loved having you. Thank you so much for the inspiration and fun you provided us. I have enjoyed implementing the Golden Bookshelf and will send photos soon! On the first day back I took in my suitcase for the children loaded with all the books I had bought at the conference that I had signed by authors - they loved it! I have read to them so much more this term and they keep wanting me to read when we should be doing other work! Once again it was great to meet you and we hope you'll make it to Australia, especially Brisbane soon! Kind regards Jo Mitchell
08/08/2010 Marilyn Ricks rmricks
Bedford, TX (USA)
  • Dr. Layne, I have been reading your book "Ignite a Passion for Reading" this summer and am so glad I did since I will be moving into 6th grade Language Arts for the coming school year. Your ideas on getting reluctant readers to enjoy books and the resources you provide in your book will be beneficial to me. Even although I have a masters degree in reading and ESL, today's students provide challenge in so many areas that it is essential to keep up with the research and to seek out ideas from as many avenues as possible.
08/03/2010 sharon viol divaqueen23
williamston, mi (USA)
  • Steve: Dr.Marks lives here in Williamston, Mi. I know her as my daughters went to school with hers. She is an awesome literacy teacher and I will gladly pass on to her your comments.
08/03/2010 Leslie McKinstray queen.of.books
St. Louis, MO (USA)
  • What a helpful website - your enthusiasm for reading instruction and helping students get hooked is infections. Keep it up!
07/19/2010 Leslie Lloyd leslieannlloyd
Greenville , IL (USA)
  • Dr. Layne, I just finished DEVOURING your Igniting a Passion for Reading book! LOVED it! I can't wait for the school year to start so I can work on the will to read! Thanks so much! Leslie Lloyd
07/15/2010 Sandie Haddock r.s.haddock
Morrinsville, nz (new zealand)
  • Fantastic workshop at the World Congress - Auckland New Zealand. I can't wait to get my copy of "Igniting The Fire". Just loved listening to you and hearing your voice in the stories you shared. Well done!
07/07/2010 Nicole Brown nbrown
Perth, Western Australia (Australia)
  • Steve, Thank you for coming to our National Conference in Perth and providing us with such an inspirational workshop. Please come back soon, but bring more copies of your books!
07/06/2010 Gerald L Lee deepnyahead
Fishers, Indiana (USA)
  • Steven it is so good to see the impact you have made on peoples lives,I remember you always being passionate about reading and writing through our school years. I am honored to have known such a great guy. Keep touching peoples lives
06/09/2010 Pamela Baxley pbaxley
Greenville, SC (USA)
  • Steven, Your Keynote address in SC "Igniting a Passion for Reading" started a lot of fires that weekend, and continue to spark passions today. My principal attended and came back excited about changing our library so our younger students so they can see the books at their eye level. Other teachers have painted grills, and many teachers have shared with me their renewed passion for reading with their students. This keynote was a real homerun!
05/20/2010 cristal muniz_taly
joliet, il. (USA)
  • i love the book paradise
05/05/2010 Amina F. firstamina
Ras Tanura, RT (Saudi Arabia)
  • I remember when you came to RT. That was so much fun. I really liked the beach part. Right now, I am enjoying you book "This side of paradise." And you can't believe how many people are reading Mergers. A LOT! I just hope you can come to RT again... Amina
04/28/2010 Liz Sepich esepich
Wheaton, IL (USA)
  • I'm trying to email Steven Layne, and the contact page isn't working. I met him at the reading conference in Chicago today and he said to email him about a Paradise Party. Can you check the link and see if this can begin to work so I can contact him? Thanks.
04/21/2010 Kristine Breindel ejbksb
Smethport, PA (USA)
  • I LOVE your book Igniting A Passion For Reading! I'm sharing it with all of the instructional coaches in Seneca Highlands IU9. I hope that I get a chance to hear you speak someday as I'm sure it will be well worth my time. If I can ever get you to come to IU9 in Pennsylvania I'd be thrilled. Keep writing and I'm sure that you'll have a more than eager audience to read whatever you write! Thank you for sharing your experiences and inspiring others to develop a lifelong passion for reading. Best wishes and I hope to meet you someday! Kristine Breindel
04/07/2010 Debbie Simms dsimms
Hoover, AL (USA)
  • Dr. Layne, My principal recently bought your book Igniting A Passion for Reading. Consider myself lit and a candle to relight and spark reading to my sixth grade students. I'm so glad you addressed aliteracy...I am pumped to tweak your ideas and implement them with my 100 sixth graders. We have a school population of approximately 900 students (300 at each grade level). We are the most diverse school in our system of three middle schools and have some of the most innovative thinkers on staff. I began highlighting and post-sticking pages and realized every page has a sticky note protruding...sort of defeats the purpose of using sticky notes...don't you think? Each year, our three middle schools hold a middle school conference. It is usually held in April and I was wondering what your schedule looked like for 2011 (April) as well as your fee. Thanks again...I love the humor...I was laughing out loud because it was all so true, simply change the names of the characters and I could have authored the book. Thanks again for helping me find the ignition switch. (I've been so enthusiastic about the book in promoting the need for everyone on staff to read the book that people are going to the principal requesting their own copy. (This week he's ordered ten more books). Next week, I'm sure they'll be more purchases.
03/30/2010 Kristin Webber webbers4
Youngstown, OH (USA)
  • Hi Steven! I have to share this! During our independent reading time in 6th grade, I often try to read right along side of my students - modeling the importance that reading holds in my life. I was reading my latest acquisition "Igniting a Passion for Reading" and began Chap. 5 and saw the picture of Sharon Draper and quickly ran to show my student who is currently reading "Romiette and Julio" He asked if she wrote anymore books and I said, "She sure did." He responded, "I want to read the all!" The fire in room 204 is beginning to smolder! I am so excited!
03/30/2010 Marcia Punsalan mpunsalan
Oregon, OH (USA)
  • LOVE Life's Literacy Lessons. I have just purchased Igniting a Passion for Reading. I've long been a fan of Trelease and Lesesne. I've been fighting an uphill battle in my district, and am thrilled to know I have found another person who believes as I do that it's possible to turn kids on to reading. I believe the literacy class I created and teach in my district is making headway in doing that!
03/26/2010 Michael McFerren mcferren
Canton, OH (USA)
  • I was at the Ohio Title I Conference yesterday. As a math teacher, I am always skeptical of anyone that wants to take time away from MY subject...however after listening to your speech and hearing your true passion for reading....I am going to try to find time in my way too short day to build in some oral reading and some writing time. Your passion for reading, and the way that you remembered when you became a reader brought me back to 6th grade....when I was turned off to reading for a LONG time...having a teacher that made reading one of the most miserable tasks that I HAD to do. It wasn't until I started teaching that the reading "passion" began to return. After your speech yesterday, I think that the process has been sped up. Thank you for what you do for children as well as for those of us that work with them.
03/24/2010 Elise Rinna rinnae
Grosse Ile, MI (USA)
  • I enjoyed your presentation at the MRA conference this past weekend! It was very inspiring! I teach 7th grade Language Arts- and it is difficult to get the kids to read- I am hoping to get more inspired by your new book! Thanks for all you do! Elise
03/23/2010 Ms. Shannon Shannon.Tinkle
Jackson, MI (USA)
  • Thank you for your up beat, energetic presentation at the MRA conference! Your energy about writing is and was contagious! Thank you for your ideas! God Bless!
03/20/2010 April Halprin Wayland aprilwayland
Manhattan Beach, CA (USA)
  • Hi, Steve ~ I'm one of the six children's authors of www.TeachingAuthors.com ...I met you briefly when I was with Esther Hershenhorn. Just wanted to say that your story about the Jewel manager and your class letter to Jewel corporate was more than inspiring. I do believe it has changed my way of looking at the world. Thank you ~
03/20/2010 Janet janetpark1
Champaign, IL (USA)
  • Dear Dr. Layne, I had the pleasure of meeting you at this year's IRC Conference, after attending two of your seminars. As I am pursuing my masters in literacy, you have truly inspired me to pursue this passion for reading in myself, as well as in my students. Thank you!
03/12/2010 Blue Huggins hugginsb
Dillon, SC (USA)
  • Heard you at the South Carolina IRA conference. One of the best - if not the best- speeches I've ever heard.
03/11/2010 Fatima Mansoor fatimamansoor.rizvi
Al Khobar, Al Khobar (Saudi Arabia)
  • Dear Steve, Today you made our day at TARA/TOYC conference in Dehran. It was a real fun with you. You motivated us. Thanks
03/10/2010 Tracey Everhart beachbum_129
Lexington, NC (USA)
  • Mr. Layne, I am a seventh grade Language Arts teacher, and I had the opportunity to hear you speak a few years ago. I purchased "Mergers" that day. I just finished reading it to one of my groups of students, and they LOVED it! I couldn't read it long enough to satisfy them. Now that we are finished, they are wishing for a sequel to answer their questions about what happens next. Thank you for giving me a book that is interesting for the students, but still challenges their thought processes!
03/10/2010 Hanin hussain236
Dhahran, EP (Saudi Arabia)
  • My daughter Hanin met you yesterday in Abqaiq Saudi Aramco School. Hanin is a second grader, fond of writng stories. She had few doubts and questions to ask however she was not chosen to ask a question. But it is OK. First time Hanin met an author, so she was so exited. Thank you very very very very much from Hanin. Regards, Hussain ( Hanin's father)
03/07/2010 Phyllis Graham pgraham
ALsip, Il (USA)
  • Read a previw of your new book, can't wait to read it and share with my staff. I'm a principal in a suburb of CHicago. Are you presentinmg anywhere in Illinois soon??
03/05/2010 Pam Nelson nelsonpf
Arvada, CO (USA)
  • Love your book, Igniting a Passion for Reading. I asked the public library to get it and now I want my own copy!
02/22/2010 Melanie Guill mguill
Seneca, SC (USA)
  • I heard you in South Carolina at the SCIRA onference. You were wonderful. Thanks for sharing from your heart! I hope I can get my high school children to read your books This Side of Paradise and Mergers. Thanks again!
02/20/2010 Lisa Bradford bradfordannl
Huntsville, al (USA)
  • He was absolutely the most amazing speaker I have heard at our conferences in Huntsville, Al. I teared up with tears of touching moments lived by this author. Emotionally charged and captivating speaker. I could have sat longer to listen to him speak.
02/08/2010 Elizabeth Allen eallen-cte
Raleigh, NC (USA)
  • I have just finished reading Igniting a Passion for Reading. What a fabulous book!! Not only is the information wonderful with practical, doable activities but Steve writes in a thoroughly enjoyable style! Thank you! I have already started implementing the ideas in my classroom full of reluctant readers and have pulled our librain into the mix!! We're going shopping on Friday! All teachers of reading, Language Arts, and Enlish should read this book.
02/03/2010 Laura Cuchra farerocuchra
Ancona, IL (USA)
  • I am looking forward to your presentations at the Starved Rock Reading Council's Young Author Celebration in April 2010.
02/01/2010 Denise Cole coled
Madisonville, TN (USA)
  • My reading classes are reading This Side of Paradise and we love it! We were wondering are you still planning on writing the next one?
01/22/2010 Michael Shelton shelton72
Algonquin, Il (USA)
  • My son Michael is a 3rd grader at Liberty Elementary in Carpentersville. He had the pleasure of having Mr.Layne read is book My Brother Dan is Delicious! He really enjoyed the story, and thought it was VERY cool to have the actual author read it to him. He enjoyed the funny things he said to the boys. We think its a great thing he does to promote literacy in the schools. My son came home and said he wants to read more because of Mr. Layne's influence! Thank You!
01/20/2010 Amber ambermcmurphey11
Great Falls, Montana (USA)
  • I was in the crowd of east students today and I love how you told us about your books Amber
01/15/2010 Jennifer Chun Jennifer.chun17
Oak Brook, IL (USA)
  • Dr.Layne, it is SO good to see you are doing well. You inspired me many years ago and my love for reading continues today.


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