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12/13/2011 Colleen Danilson shumpttfn
Exton, PA (USA)
  • I just wanted to tell you that your book, Igniting a Passion for Reading, and your presentation in November have truly inspired me to incorporate so many of your wonderful ideas into my lessons and my every day interactions with my students! It just proves that such small efforts can have huge payoffs - like our students' love of reading! Thank you so much and I hope to hear you speak again soon! :) You are a wonderfully engaging and energetic presenter/teacher. I've been telling all my colleagues about you! :) Best wishes to you and your family!
11/21/2011 landon davis 1971admd
russsellville, ar (USA)
  • can you send me your signature to karter you came to my school last week and I want it for my brother
09/29/2011 Kellie kkryscynski
Marysville, MI (USA)
  • Dr. Layne, We just started using the Elementary Cafe at our building this year and the first one we had over 120 people who attended. Thank you so much for your inspiration and guidance for setting up this event. My colleague and I decided to try it after hearing you speak at the MRA conference in March. Everyone who has been a part of it has been very positive and the books are flying off the shelves.
08/14/2011 MaryAnn McDevitt mcdevitt
Crawfordsville, IN (USA)
  • Steve...enjoyed reading about your adoptions in the current issue of Parents magazine. Looks like you have created a wonderful family!
08/14/2011 Angela Bentley Abentley
Theodore, Alabama (USA)
  • I was attending the High Schools that Work conference in Nashville, Tennessee, in July 2011. I attended a presentation on making reading fun and improving library participation among middle and high school students. The two librarians mentioned your books and said that Igniting a Passion for Reading was a must read for teachers and librarians. I just started the book today and all I can think is that finally someone understands!
08/14/2011 Pamela Sexton psexton
Bexley, OH (USA)
  • I am so glad I found this site, after hearing your name from a colleague. I love the affirmation needed and new ideas! I am on my way to look for gold spray paint...
08/08/2011 Suzanne Williams suew12
Perth, WA (Australia)
  • Thank you Steven for an entertaining and inspiring day today. Your passion for reading and making a difference to children's lives is amazing and infectious. I have been engrossed in your book tonight and am busy planning new initiatives for my classroom to inspire children to read and LOVE it! Once again thank you and would love to be kept informed of any future work you may do in Perth. Kinds Regards Sue Williams
08/08/2011 Carol Wagner cwagner
Bloomsburg, PA (USA)
  • After reading your book "Igniting..." and Donalyn Miller's book "The Book Whisperer", I know that what I've been doing in my classroom is the right thing to do for my students. Because of my summer reading, I will be ready to say "I thought of you." I'm excited to begin the school year.
07/22/2011 Paul Chrestman Paul.Chrestman
Hernando, MS (USA)
  • Thank you for coming to DeSoto County. I am the principal of Hernando Middle School. I read your book last year and have started many of your initiatives. I hope to become your dream school. Reading is my passion. I have been reading YA books for some time and my relationships with my students has entered a new level. I wish my whole staff could have heard you. Thank you again for your passion. I hope to meet you again. Keep up the good work. (I have a two year old and a one month old...I cried when you read the picture book and told the story of your children...loved it!)
07/22/2011 Tracey Sanderson Tracey.Sanderson
Exmouth, WA (Australia)
  • You do kick yourself when you realize that the basic premise behind igniting a passion for reading really rests on sharing your passion with students no matter what their age!!! Thanks Steve for putting it altogether, I for one am planning this term with renewed enthusiasm.
07/21/2011 Bonnie Maready bonita.maready
Olive Branch, MS (USA)
  • Thank you so much for sharing your message. I cannot believe how much I wanted to smack my head. I have a background in counseling so I know about the affective domain. It is through the affective that a student moves from learning stuff "cause we have a test" to learning to satisfy an intellectual curiosity. How could I have missed using my relationship with students to casually share a love of reading and learning. I can't wait to read your book! Thank you
07/21/2011 Lindsey Jones lindsey.jones
Hernando, MS (USA)
  • Steven, Thank you so much for speaking to Desoto County Schools administrators. I loved reading Igniting a Passion for Reading as part of our school's literacy initiative, and it was an absolute joy to hear you speak! I can't wait to get my hands on your children and YA writing to share with students and my own child! Again, thank you for writing and sharing your passion!
07/14/2011 Glenna Murray gkmurray
Olathe, KS (USA)
  • Dr. Layne, It was a pleasure to work with you at the Literacy Institute in Garden City, KS. I appreciate your passion and drive to encourage every teacher to teach reading. Many blessings to you, Glenna Murray MidAmerica Nazarene University
07/13/2011 Anja anja.rothenberger
Crailsheim, Baden-Württemberg (Deutschland)
  • This book is amazing!!
06/08/2011 Bridget masonsparents
Piqua, OH (USA)
  • I saw you speak at the OCTELA conference last year, and I was so excited when you told me during the book signing that This Side of Paradise was getting a sequel! I am in the middle of it right now, and I can't stop reading. As a middle school reading teacher, I can not thank you enough for writing novels that are appropriate for teens to read. I don't know how many times I have read a YA book but can't book talk it because of issues with language and situations. I used This Side of Paradise as a read aloud every year, and I can't think of one think I have to censor! Thanks for writing high interest books that we can hand to students without worrying about the content.
06/05/2011 Heidi Knapp hcknapp
Brewton, AL (USA)
  • I started reading your book, Igniting a Passion for Reading, last night and finished it this morning. I could not put it down. It made me laugh and it even made me cry. I have taught 14 years, grades K,1, and 2. This is the best professional book I have ever read. Thank you.
04/13/2011 Christine Haessig chaessig
Oswego, NY (USA)
  • Steven, I recently heard you speak at the NYSRA conference in Saratoga and want you to know that I am definitely spreading your message. We need to raise readers... not just test takers. I promise you this... my students and colleagues will know your name!!! Keep on inspiring everyone to read. -Chris I almost forgot to say, I want to work in your "DREAM" school!
04/06/2011 Anna Lombardo alombard
Oswego, NY (USA)
  • Saw you this past week at the NYSRA conference in Saratoga! WOW! What energy and passion you bring to reading! Thank you for saying so loudly and proudly what many of us believe and needed to hear again!
03/31/2011 Gail Clark gclark
Teague, Texas (USA)
  • I have been reading This Side of Paradise to my students for four years. I was so excited when Paradise Lost was published. I am reading it aloud and the kids are loving every word. Your imagination is "absolutely perfect" as Adam would say. I cannot wait for the sequel (maybe it will be called War in Paradise). Love the new characters in Paradise Lost. You are officially my favorite young adult author. My 7th graders love your books. Sincerely, Gail Clark
03/23/2011 Peggy Bell pbell
Pinedale, WY (USA)
  • I ordered your book Igniting a Passion for Reading at the beginning of the school year - and could not put it down. I've been through it two or three times now! I started implementing several of your strategies in our library immediately and now they are spreading throughout all the language arts classrooms!! Your book made so much sense to me and watching your strategies being implemented by our teachers - you've changed our school significantly!!!! Thanks so much and please keep writing!!!
03/08/2011 Kyleigh (Peterson) Vrettos KyleighVrettos
West Dundee, IL (USA)
  • I'm really glad I chose to take your Children's Literature class as an elective. You were one of my favorite professors, and I loved your teaching style. Judson is fortunate to have such an excellent educator. I hope you're doing well. Take Care, Kyleigh
02/18/2011 Colleen Freeburg-Luna freebuco
Joliet, IL (USA)
  • Today I was asked to suggest a book to someone, I work in a library now, and the first book to come to mind was A Year Down Yonder by Richard Peck. Thank you so much for reading that to our class a few years ago at Judson. You are truly an amazing professor and person and I thank you for sharing your personality, knowledge, and passion with me. -Colleen
02/09/2011 Lisa Tarlton lisa.tarlton
Marshville, NC (USA)
  • Hello! I am a kindergarten teacher assistant at Union Elementary. I just wanted to thank you for coming to our school this week. Our children really enjoyed your presentation and it got them excited about writing. I also appreciate your presentation to the staff. I learned so many things that I can do to get children excited about reading. Thanks for all you do!
01/18/2011 Amy Lignor amylignor
Roswell, NM (USA)
  • I am the reviewer for the Feathered Quill who reviews your books and I have to say, I just finished the second in the Paradise series and this book deserves to be on the BIG SCREEN!!! I love your writing. But now I have to wait to see what happens next...so write quickly. :) I have to know!
01/18/2011 Haley S haley
South Elgin, IL (USA)
  • I'm reading your book This side of Paradise and I only have 1 chapter left!!! I love it!!! And I'm so excited to finish it!!! How do you come up with these stories? Do the names mean anything to you? -Haley S
01/11/2011 Nancy Dickinson fsufan23
Manchester, TN (USA)
  • I spoke to you when you came to Coffee Co. Schools and told you I had a quote for you. I got this from a copy of the paper that my sister found online while looking for information about our ancestors from Cookeville. Hope you can use it! "An educational system which contents itself with teaching to read, and then fails to see that the best reading is provided, is as inconsistent and absurd as to teach children the expert use of the knife, fork and spoon and then provide them with no food." -- "Library Day" Putnam County Herald Cookeville, TN) dated Thursday, September 16, 1915.
01/09/2011 Keith Collier kjcollier
East Palatka, Fl (USA)
  • Steven, thank you very much for speaking at our Church today, Peniel Baptist. You were awesome, fun, energetic,and Balcony moving. My wife and I are both Physical Therapist's, so hearing what you overcame with GBS immediately hit home. I have treated 2 children and 1 adult with that condition. You are truly blessed and I haven't been moved that much in a church service in years. Thank you, p.s. I used to love to write and you inspired me to pen some ideas. Keith
01/02/2011 MaryEllen Vogt mvogt45
Truckee, CA (USA)
  • Hey.....I lost your email address when my computer crashed. I've been wanting to congratulate you on your IRA nomination----wahoo!! I hope you had a wonderful and blessed Christmas and that 2011 will be especially productive and happy for you and yours. Love to you.... mev


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