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12/29/2013 Steve Larson slarson
Warsaw, MO (USA)
  • I am reading "Igniting A Passion For Reading" prior to your visit to our school in February 2014. Enjoying the book, looking forward to hearing you speak.
10/27/2013 Vicki Polk vpolk
Poplarville, MS (USA)
  • I bought your book, Igniting a Passion for Reading, at a Scholastic Book Fair we held at our school. Thank you for your insight into reading. I can't wait to try your ideas, some of which I am already doing. I'm reading the book slowly so I "chew" on every word!! It's an awesome book.
10/13/2013 Amanda Aleman aaleman
Kila, Montana (USA)
  • Steven, I met you when you visited Kila a few years back and again when I attended your Literacy Conference at Judson a few summers ago. I am starting writer's workshop with my second graders and we have been talking about "small moments" and how writers keep track of their ideas for stories. Do you have a special place that you keep your ideas for future stories? Are any of your stories based on events that have happened to you? Thanks! Keep up the great writing and teaching!
10/01/2013 Lorraine Lindsay lmlconsu55
Victoria, BC (Canada)
  • I'm only at the end of chapter 2 of "Igniting a Passion for Reading", and I already want to thank you for this marvellous book! You're a rarity amongst American teacher/writers - you actually work with your school librarians and credit them with being valuable mentors to young readers! (Guess what I do for a living?) Leaving now to get back to your book, but one last thing - I hardly ever read the acknowledgements section, for the same reason I don't watch awards shows: all those thank-you's to people I've never heard of (why can't people emulate the eternally-classy Audrey Hepburn, who just said 'Thank you to everyone' and got off the stage?). But I want to thank you for giving the glory to our Almighty God. You're a class act.
09/04/2013 Kate katem
Christchurch, Canterbury (New Zealand)
  • Your presentation at the NZLA 'Sailing into Literacies' Conference in Auckland in July was inspirational, and since returning to school I have been implementing your different techniques to light the literacy fire within all of my children. I have to tell you that your idea of minilessons and the opportunity to go 'book shopping' in the school library was particularly popular with my class and has gone a great way to combatting the chant of 'I can't find a book to read!' during our weekly library visits. Again, thank you.
07/30/2013 Terry Casey t.casey
Morrinsville, Waikato (New Zealand)
  • I met you at the Sailing Into Literacy conference in Auckland New Zealand. It was a great privilege to hear you speak and get the chance to talk to you. I have returned to my school renewed with vigor to spread the word about igniting fires within students. Thank you.
07/17/2013 Carolyn Bolland c.j.bolland
Christchurch, canterbury (NZ)
  • Whether it be Bonfire, Flashfire or Wildfire, you sure lit up the start of our Literacy Conference in Auckland, NZ on Monday. The passion shown by your enthusiasm was enough to spark any reluctant reader into picking up a book. I thank you for your amazing key note.
04/30/2013 Phyllis psanford2003
Deposit, Ny (USA)
  • Keynote speaker and workshop presenter at the NYLA/SSL conference in Rochester NY. GREAT Stuff!!! Thanks so much.
04/27/2013 Toya toyafrierson
Houston, TX (USA)
  • Your presentation, Top 5 Writing Tips, at the IRA conference in San Antonio was the last I attended before driving back to Houston. Now, I know what it means to "save the best for last". Not only were you hilarious and full of energy; you also, demonstrated that it's okay for students to write only the piece of an essay that they have explored. It makes so much sense -- I guess that's why we "aren't" doing it.
04/22/2013 Becky Ellis ellisr
Palm Coast, FL (USA)
  • Dr. Layne, I was lucky enough to attend you session a few years ago in Tampa, Florida at the Principal Conference. I am the reading coach for my school and seriously wanted to stand up on my seat and applaud when you were finished. I am sure that by now, my teachers are sick of hearing me say at every workshop I do, "Teaching the will is just as important as teaching the skill!" And with that being said, I convinced my principal to buy enough copies of the book so that I can do a book study. I am very excited to be putting the book into the hands of my teachers. I only wish you had a study guide for it. I am afraid I will not do it the justice it deserves. Although, I really shouldn't have to do much if they enjoy it as much as I did! I can honestly say it is the only professional book that I didn't ant to put down and was sad when I got to the end. Thank you for being such an inspiration!!
02/19/2013 Sjominique Stephens sds003
Crestwood, KY (USA)
  • Before I moved, I attended a workshop in Houston, Texas about Igniting the Passion for Reading. You were amazing, and how real heartfelt passion for reading/writing you truly have. Listening to your inspiration on how to become an author has really encouraged me to begin my own children's book. I am a teacher of almost 4 years and have always wanted to write a children's book. I have three children of my own and I'm thinking of using them in my ideas that I come up with. Thank you for helping our kids love reading!
01/28/2013 PJ Baker pjbaker3
Redlands, CA (USA)
  • You reminded me of why I became a teacher! Thank you!!
01/23/2013 Jacquie McTaggart mctag
Independence, IA (USA)
  • I just want to tell you how much I liked Igniting A Passion... Of course I recognized some of the stories (Jackson Miller, etc.) and am fortunate enough to know a few of the authors you mention(the Sisters, Sharon Draper, Margaret Peterson Haddix, etc.), but that simply enhanced my enjoyment. I had only one problem with your book. It took me a long time to get through it because I kept stopping and "lifting" quotes - attributing you, of course - to add to one or more of the 12 different presentations I now do. Anyway, you did great, my friend. Keep those books coming. (I have added Igniting A Passion to my short stack of "Favorite Professional" books that I promote at the conferences where I speak. You're in some mighty fine company: Donnalyn Miller; Nanci Atwell; the Sisters; & Rafe Esquith.
01/22/2013 Cynthia cpugliese
Mt. Prospect, IL (USA)
  • I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at our Institute Day. I'm please to say that our LRC was already implementing much of what you discussed, but you opened our eyes on how much more we can do to fan the flame.
01/11/2013 Rona rjhamilo
Glasgow, East Renfrewshire (Scotland)
  • I heard you today at the conference in Glasgow and I wanted to thank you for a wonderful speech. Your presentation style was uplifting and inspiring, I wish you well in all your future ventures and I thank you for sharing moments of joy within your family with us.


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