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10/08/2014 Chris Basham cbasham
Gilman, Il (USA)
  • Steven, Thank you so much for your always fun lunch at IRC. I was able to bring some newbies this year and you inspired them as you did me. I attempted to write a grant to get you to our little school but I was DENIED!!! Listening to you at the conference reminded me that I need to continue to attempt to get grants so that you can visit us! Thanks for the inspiration!
08/29/2014 Laura Feld jjhfeld
Hopkins, MN (USA)
  • I met you at the Robbinsdale, Mn summer institute in June 2014. I asked you for some titles for my 14 year old son and you gave me ten books to read with my son. We rented the audio version of Drums,Girls, and Dangerous Pie and listened to it while driving to Branson and Lake of the Ozarks. My kids didn't want to turn it off when we reached our destination. Our next book will be Full Tilt. Thanks for the great suggestions. I just finished reading your book, Igniting a Passion for reading, have lots of ideas for this school year. I will start with Mrs. Feld's Hot Read. Thanks for the inspiration!!
08/26/2014 Regina Jalbert Regihere
Dartmouth, MA (USA)
  • Dr, Layne, As I sat in the auditorium at Dartmouth High School this morning I was extremely impressed with your presentation. You have a way of capturing your audience, and I will soon be looking to purchase a few of your books. During your talk, you mentioned you had Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Hearing those words brought me back 35 years to when my mother suffered through that same disease. Not once in 35 years had I heard of anyone else having had GBS. As you described how you went through rehab, it was the same with my mom. Teaching her to use a fork and spoon at the same time I was teaching my 1 year old daughter (mom's first grandchild). I don't recall whether or not you mentioned if you were left with any residual aftereffects. After about two years my mom was back to her old self but was left with lots of pain in her feet. She was just very thankful to have come through the disease as well as she did, especially due to the fact it was such an unknown disease. You looked as though you've recovered well. There is a reason for everything, (so "they" say)and listening to your story about the CNA (during your rehab) in your "balcony" was so heartwarming. Had you not come down with GBS there would be one less nurse, a profession I hold in very high regard. Thank you for sharing your story,(and yes I loved hearing about all the people in your balcony), And thank you for giving me this opportunity to reflect on a very important time in my, and my mom's life. I lost her 5 years ago due to CHF but she will always be in "My Balcony" Regina Jalbert T/A Dartmouth School District
08/26/2014 Heidi Silva Brooks heidibrooks
Dartmouth, MA (USA)
  • Dearest Steven - You spoke today to my heart... You were the keynote speaker at Dartmouth Public School's Faculty Retreat. You inspired each of us to truly think about our balcony and I look forward to kicking off our 'dream school' project at Potter School. Thank you again for sharing yourself with us! Heidi
04/29/2014 Nadia Qazi nadiaqazi
Oak Brook, IL (USA)
  • Dear Dr. Layne, I am not sure if you remember, but I was your 5th grade student ages ago at Brook Forest. I still remember the happy announcement you made when you told us you will be coming with us to Butler Junior High as a Language Arts teacher. You really did ignite a love of reading in me. You were a terrific teacher, and remain an inspiration. I came across your website after seeing one of your books on Amazon when I was looking for books to buy for my niece's birthday. When I saw the name of the author, I was curious if this was the same Steven Layne who used to teach me. Amazingly, it was! It's so inspiring that you went out and pursued your dream and are now a successful author. Kudos to you! Seriously :) If you ever want to get in touch, my email address is on the form. I am honored to have known you! Nadia
01/15/2014 Lori Allen lallen
Warsaw, MO (USA)
  • I am looking forward to your visit in the Warsaw School district. As the middle/high school librarian I meet you briefly at the MASL Spring Conference. Igniting a passion for reading is the best professional book I have ever read and I am encouraging both staffs to read your books. Thanks, Lori


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