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12/04/2016 Pam Albers pam.albers59
Gretna, Louisiana (United States)
  • Just thinking of you as I often do. Just put my little stuffed Chocolate moose under my tree. He has been there every year. I hope you and all your lovely family are healthy and happy. Hugs and a sprinkle of fairy dust for all. Love ya, Pam.
11/07/2016 Jessica Goczkowski Goczkowski.jessica
Elk Grove village, Il (USA)
  • Hello. Today was my third time hearing you speak for our district about reading. I just wanted to thank you for being so inspirational to teachers not only in our district but all over the world. You are the super hero I would love to be, going out an saving one teacher or more at a time which leads to saving hundreds/thousands of students at a time. You see I have always believed in the passion of reading and have worked hard installing that in my students. I knew I could save my students from the evils of disliking or not enjoying books using some of the same approaches you discuss and love. I am just so happy that you are able to go out an spread this word about the passion of reading. I truly believe that you are a hero, and even though I do my part to be a hero too, I am completely jealous of you being the ultimate one.
10/13/2016 Liz Nelson elnelson
Shreveport, la (USA)
  • You were AWE$OME at the LRC this past week! So glad I discovered you. Would you Skype with my Library Book Club? I've never done one before but I think they would love learning from you. Thank you, Liz Nelson (North Highlands Elem., Librarian)
10/01/2016 Terry Herbert tv39484
London, Ontario (Canada)
  • Loved the Keynote address this morning at TVLitCon. A really inspiring and accessible message.
08/20/2016 Stacie Shadle stacie.shadle1
Katy, TX (USA)
  • I was sitting so pristine waiting to be motivated to start off the new school year. Then, you begin to read a part of Sold. "Not motivating," I whispered to my coworker as my heart began to feel heat and drip a bit. You began to talk, and talk about the balcony people. My heart proceeded to feel heart, melting ever so faster, as the vessels in my nose began to contract as I try to hold back tears. I've got to work after this..."Hold it together," I told myself. I could hold back no longer as emotion over took me. I lost it and began to cry...The only one who heard my prayer that morning was God. He knew I needed motivation to teach this year, and conveyed the answer in a way that would impact my heart enough to put action to my passion. Thank you Mr. Layne for inspiring me to be a better teacher!
03/12/2016 Mary Alice Ramsey mwramsey
Raleigh, NC (USA)
  • Loving In Defense of Read-Aloud! Looking forward to hearing you Tuesday at NCRA. I tell my students every to expect me to read to them for fun, just because. I'm a believer, and blog about it often. learningtoflex.blogspot.com


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"After attending your workshop in March, Iím finding you to be my new hero."

Mrs. Debby Dobbs, Reading Teacher - Karcher Middle School, Burlington, WI

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