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Life's Literacy Lessons: Stories and Poems for Teachers

Life's Literacy Lessons This poignant collection of stories and poems honors literacy educators for the often difficult and always essential work they do with students of all ages. A well-loved classic, Life's Literacy Lessons is back in print by popular demand and now includes stories as well as new poems. From reading aloud to grammar lessons, from handwriting to standards, Steven Layne highlights the tears and laughter, the challenges and rewards that inspire today's teachers. And Steven reveals his motivation-the events, words, and thought that led him to capture his musings in verse and prose. Whether you read them to inspire or entertain, these delightful stories and poems are sure to capture your imagination.

Verses for Mom's Heart

Verse for Mom's Heart From skinned knees to broken hearts, from birthdays to wedding days - mothers provide the protection, guidance, inspiration, and love that offer us hope for the future. This beautifully illustrated collection of poems resonates with the voices of children, teens, and adults, reminding readers of the incomparable role mothers play in our lives.

As with their bestselling companion title Verses for Dad's Heart, Layne and Klinger have again crossed the boundaries of age, race, and gender in verse and illustration - creating a book in which every mother can find her best reflection.

Verses for Dad's Heart

Verse for Dad's Heart With stubborn love and sage advice, fathers provide a special guidance that is essential whether we are two, twelve, or twenty years old. Writing in the voice of children who grow older as the pages turn, award-winning author Steven L. Layne's verses are filled to overflowing the humor and heart -- reminding readers of the legacy that is fostered in a father's unconditional love.

"Dr. Layne’s energy, experiences, and passion hooked us all! Our entire community anticipates his future visits."

Mrs. Tonya Wilt, Reading Teacher - Jackson Middle School, Jackson, OH

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