In Defense of Read-Aloud

In Defense of Read-Aloud

Researchers and practitioners stand in solidarity: the practice of reading aloud throughout the grades is not only viable but also best practice. Read-aloud is an essential practice in teaching literacy in grades K-12, and in this book, Steven Layne has provided everything needed to support, sustain, and celebrate the power of read-aloud.

In Defense of Read-Aloud reinforces readers' confidence to continue the practice of reading aloud and presents the research base to defend the practice in grades K-12. Steven Layne also offers significant practical insights to strengthen instructional practice-answering the questions of "Why should we?" and "How should we?"-and provides practical advice about how to use read-alouds most effectively.

Leading researchers provide position statements, authors of professional books share insights, leaders of the largest literacy organizations in the United States write about their favorite read-alouds, award-winning authors of children's and YA books reveal the powerful stories behind their greatest books, and classroom teachers and librarians speak about books that have "lit up" their students' lives. Last but not least, In Defense of Read-Aloud features many great recommendations of books to share with children.

Igniting a Passion for Reading

When teaching reading, educators often focus exclusively on skills instruction. But how can you teach Igniting a Pasison for Reading the "skill" without the "will?" In his new book, Igniting a Passion for Reading, Steven Layne shows teachers how to develop readers who are not only motivated to read great books but who also love reading in its own right. Packed with practical ways to engage and inspire readers from kindergarten through high school, this book is a must-have on every teacher's professional bookshelf. From detailed preview lessons and book shopping to reading lounges and "status of the class" sessions, this book will help schools create a vibrant reading culture. Also included are reminiscences from many of today's well-known children's and young adult authors - Mem Fox, Steven Kellogg, Sharon Draper, Candace Fleming, Eric Rohmann, Neal Shusterman, Joan Bauer, and more - about the teacher or librarian who ignited their passion for reading. Written with humor, grace, and poignancy, Igniting a Passion for Reading will have a profound effect on the teaching of reading in classrooms all over the world.

"Dr. Layne’s energy, experiences, and passion hooked us all! Our entire community anticipates his future visits."

Mrs. Tonya Wilt, Reading Teacher - Jackson Middle School, Jackson, OH

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