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Keynote Addresses

In Defense of Read-Aloud

Author and University Scholar Dr. Steven Layne is passionate about reading aloud to kids of all ages. In this energizing keynote address, he provides teachers with strong research-based rationale for reading aloud throughout the grades as well as providing information on maximizing instruction. Guaranteed: loads of practical information and a lot of laughter.
Length: 60 minutes

If You Only Knew . . .

In this engaging keynote address, Dr. Layne focuses on his work as a writer of award-winning texts from multiple genres to educate the audience, in a highly entertaining manner, about his life as a published writer. For years Steven's work as a teacher and researcher has been at the foreground of his addresses throughout the world. With nearly a million books sold and with accolades, awards, and recognition in every genre of writing, he has, until now, kept the writing portion of his career intensely private. Lots of laugher and a few tears are guaranteed as the arc of this master storyteller's plotline swings from ridiculous to resonant - inspiring the audience from beginning to end.
Length: 60 minutes

Confessions of a Reading Arsonist

With his trademark combination of humor and heart, Steven Layne tackles one of the most significant issues in reading instruction today: How to engage reluctant readers. Teaching the skill of reading is viewed by many educators as a major objective; teaching the will of reading is too often an afterthought. Dr. Layne's charismatic blend of anecdotes and practical suggestions for the classroom are sure to fan the flame of literacy into a raging inferno'inspiring teachers as well as their students to keep the bedside lamp on just a little bit later into the night.
Length: 60 minutes

Why God Made Librarians/
Why God Made Teachers

The power and impact of story is unparalleled; University professor and award-winning children’s/young adult author Steven L. Layne inspires listeners with a look at just how powerful story can be, and along the way he truly honors those who care for stories the most—librarians! As always, Steven draws forth a few tears, a lot of laughs, and still manages to send the audience away with a burning desire to keep doing what they do-better than they've ever done it before.
Length: 60 minutes

The Success Story Nobody Else Can Write

With trademark wit and wisdom, Dr. Steven Layne challenges those assuming positions of leadership with four basic tenets that lead to effectiveness and inspiration for all of the key players. This powerful keynote address is certain to leave the audience ready to reach higher, farther, and faster than ever before in pursuit of the most worthy goals. For those looking to inspire leaders to lead well, this motivational speech is sure to set the tone for future success.
Length: 60 minutes

Balcony People

Can you identify the people whose contributions to your life have altered your direction, smoothed the path ahead, or guided you across treacherous ground? Those who have helped us become all that we are - our personal cheerleaders - deserve to be remembered. These are our balcony people, and Steven Layne reminds us that teachers reserve a tremendous number of balcony seats in the lives of their students. This energizing and poignant keynote speech has been acclaimed by teachers internationally as one of Steve's finest addresses.
Length: 60 minutes

Literacy Lessons for a Lifetime

In this inspirational keynote address, Dr. Steven L. Layne shares from personal experiences and those of his family, friends, and colleagues about the sometimes humorous yet always powerful role that literacy plays in all of our lives. The audience should leave refreshed and ready to practice special magic with students once again. (A podium and a cordless lavaliere microphone are required).
Length: 60 minutes

The Story Behind the Stories

Author/Educator Steven L. Layne has fascinating stories to tell about his award-winning children's and young adult books - the "behind-the-scenes" stories that nobody else knows! But . . . before he begins, he'll take listeners on an exciting journey by sharing the inside scoop on some of the most well known children's books of all time! This lively session will provide the audience with some terrific tales that are sure to ignite excitement in the classroom for books. (A podium, a cordless lavaliere microphone, a very small table, and an overhead screen and projector are required).
Length: 60 minutes

I'd Like to Say a Word for the Teachers

Steven L. Layne has a stirring message directed at pundits of education! Incorrigible politicians, out of control school board members, and nutty parents - BEWARE! If you're not supporting teachers, you're heading for trouble. This inspirational speech will have teachers laughing in the aisles and send them away with renewed pride and passion for their profession.
Length: 60 minutes

"The evaluations that followed your appearance at our conference were remarkable!"

Mrs. Ellen Fockler, Conference Chair - Nevada Reading Week Project, Reno, NV

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