As a writer, Steve has always been committed to diversifying his work. The challenge of publishing in a wide range of venues appeals to him greatly, and he continues to write in several different arenas and for several different audiences. In addition to published research, journal articles, essays, dramatic monologues, book reviews, poetry, and textbook chapters, Steve has written a variety of award-winning picture books and gift books as well as a bestselling novel for young adults.

Professional Book Poetry Picture Book
In Defense of Read-Aloud Life's Literacy Lessons Stay With Sister
Picture Book Teen/Young Adult Picture Book
Share With Brother Paradise Lost W is for Windy City
Audio Book Professional Audio Book
This Side of Paradise Igniting a Passion for Reading My Brother Dan's Delicious/Love the Baby
Picture Book Picture Book Picture Book
Number 1 Teacher Teachers' Night Before Halloween Love The Baby
Teen/Young Adult Picture Book Picture Book
Mergers Preacher's Night Before Christmas P Is for Princess
Picture Book Picture Book Teen/Young Adult
Over Land and Sea My Brother Dan's Delicious This Side of Paradise
Poetry/Gift Book Picture Book Poetry/Gift Book
Verses for Mom's Heart Principal's Night Before Christmas Verses for Dad's Heart
Picture Book Picture Book Picture Book
Thomas's Sheep and the Great Geography Test My Brother Dan's Delicious Thomas's Sheep and the Spectacular Science Project
Picture Book    
Teacher's Night Before Christmas    

"Dr. Layne’s energy, experiences, and passion hooked us all! Our entire community anticipates his future visits."

Mrs. Tonya Wilt, Reading Teacher - Jackson Middle School, Jackson, OH

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