Featured Conference Sessions

In Defense of Read-Aloud

Steven Layne provides exciting insights and an energizing overview of his newest professional book. Come and hear the HOW and the WHY behind the book he feels is going to settle the issue of reading aloud K-12 once and for all!
Audience: All
Length: 45, 60, 75 minutes

Stories I Rarely Tell

Award-winning author Steven Layne has published over twenty books - children's picture books, young adult thrillers, gifts books for adults, and professional titles for teachers, too! And there are stories about those books that are rarely discussed-the kind of interesting behind-the-scenes "scoop" that libraries and bookstores don't know anything about at all! Join Steven for what promises to be an entertaining reveal about several of his books and participate in a questions and answer session that just might motivate the writer in you!
Audience: All
Length: 45, 60, 75, 90 minutes

Successful Strategies for Building Lifetime Readers:
Great Ideas You Can Put in Place Tomorrow!

Energetic author and educator Steven L. Layne promises a presentation to delight, empower, and motivate every teacher of literacy in grades K-8. How do teachers ignite a passion for reading in kids who live in a world that offers them a hundred choices and ways to spend their time? This fast-paced workshop offers five practical ideas for the classroom that will keep kids reading and loving books. Great titles - old and new - will be highlighted.
Audience: Classroom Teachers, Librarians/Media Specialists
Grades: K-12 (tailored to specific grade ranges as requested)
Length: 1, 2, or 3-day Workshop

Using Children's Books to Excite Young Writers

Teachers are always in need of a good response to kids who say, "I can't think of anything to write about." After this energizing presentation, you'll have several great answers! Join award-winning author Steven Layne as he uses a wide-range of children's picture books and middle grade novels to introduce five key arenas from which authors draw story ideas. Come and discover how easily this information translates into practice in any K-8 classroom where literacy development is a top priority. It's time to get your students' pencils moving with excitement!
Audience: Classroom Teachers, Librarians/Media Specialists
Grades: K-12
Length: 60 or 75 minutes

Picture Books as a Springboard to Literacy Activities

Picture books are a valuable resource for scaffolding literacy activities at any grade level, and Steven L. Layne can show you how to make it happen! This session promotes practical ideas which use picture books as a vehicle for expanding students' reading and writing experiences. Come prepared for a lively and engaging session full of great ideas for the classroom.
Audience: Classroom Teachers, Librarians/Media Specialists
Grades: K-8
Length: 60 or 75 minutes

Where in the World Do Writers Get Their Ideas?

As an award-winning children's and young adult author, Steven Layne knows a lot about where a writer's best ideas begin. In this dynamic, high energy presentation, parents, teachers, kids - the whole community will come away with some fabulous background stories about Steve's books as well as useful information about places that writers of any age can go for inspiration. This session works extremely well for a school-hosted community literacy night event.
Audience: All
Length: 45-60 minutes

Books the Little Kids Love!

Author Steven L. Layne guides your discussion of the elements that create a successful picture book - the kind of book that children in the primary grades want to experience over and over and OVER again! Lots of great books will be included via demonstration.
Audience: Classroom Teachers, Librarians/Media Specialists
Grades: K-3
Length: 60 or 75 minutes

What Parents Can Do to Nurture Lifetime Readers

In an age where children have far more choices of what to do with their time than they once did, what can parents do to instill a love of reading? How can you keep those same kids reading throughout the grades, and how do you reignite interest in reading for a child who seems to have forgotten all about books? These questions and more are addressed with practical suggestions and solutions in this parent education workshop.
Audience: Parents of children and young adults in grades PreK - 12
Length: 60, 75, 90, or 120 minutes

"Rarely have I heard a speaker who hits the mark so well."

Mrs. Linda Sherouse, Conference Chair - New Hampshire Libraries Conference, Bretton Woods, NH

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